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DIY Wine Bottle Decor

I will gladly admit that I have hoarding problem when it comes to potential crafting supplies. This includes glass jars, old keys, scraps of fabric, and (of course) empty wine bottles. However, my wine bottle collection is starting to get a little out of hand, so I decided it was time to do something with them. After scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, I cracked out the mod podge and got to work. I chose 3 different bottles, some neutral-colored scrapbook paper, and a few other accessories to make this DIY wine bottle decor for the living room. Keep scrolling for directions on how to make your own!

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Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

Materials needed for DIY Wine Bottle Decor:

Empty wine bottles or other glass bottles (If your’re not a hoarder like me, you can get some here)

Scrapbook paper (this pack is full of cute options!)


Mod podge and brush (these are my favorite brushes to use with mod podge!)

Hot glue gun and hot glue

Twine or hemp

Charms or something similar (I used cute little keys!)

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

Directions for DIY Wine Bottle Decor:

1. Rinse out your bottles and peel the labels off as best you can. If you can’t get the label all the way off, don’t fret! It’s not a huge deal to have some of the label still left on the bottle, since it’s just going to be covered with paper anyway.

2. While your bottles are drying, cut your scrapbook paper into strips of varying widths and lengths. You’ll probably want to keep your widths between ¼ and ¾ inches, and your lengths between 3 and 7 inches.  Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor | alittlepeaceofhome.com3. This next step is a messy one. You’ll use the mod podge to stick your paper strips to your wine bottles. Start about mid-way up your bottle, and dab your mod podge on the bottle where your first strip of paper will go. Stick your paper down, and put another coat of mod podge on top of that strip to help it stick. Thicker paper will require more mod podge. Work your way from the middle of the bottle to the bottom. Then jump back to the middle and work your way as far up the neck as you desire.

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |    Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

4. When putting your paper on the neck of the bottle, it will be a bit tricky because of the slant in the glass. Don’t worry though, there is a way to do it so it still looks great! First, coat the bottle with mod podge, like you did for the other strips. Stick the bottom part of the strip to bottle, keeping it as even as possible. Next, cut slits in the top part. Now, coat the top part of your strip with mod podge and press it to the bottle. The slits that you cut should allow the paper to conform to the slants in the bottle. You may need to use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. If this is still unclear, look at the pictures! They should help to clear up any confusion.

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |    Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

5. As you get ready to put your last strip on, make sure that you carefully apply the mod podge. You don’t want it sticking to the glass that will still be exposed. Even though it dries clear, it will still be pretty obvious that it’s there, and will give your bottles a messy look. If any does get on the glass, just wipe it off with your finger or a damp paper towel.

6. Time to add finishing touches! Make sure your bottle is completely dry before starting this part. Use your hot glue gun to attach your twine or hemp to the top of the bottle, just under the lip. Be sure to leave a small section to dangle down, so you don’t have an unfinished end showing (see the pictures). Go ahead and measure out how much twine/hemp you’ll use by wrapping it around the neck of the bottle until you’re happy, and then cut it off the roll. Let it unwrap from the bottle, so you’re back to only having the top part glued.

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

7. If you plan on adding charms, like I did with the small keys, first make sure they will be big enough to slide on to the twine/hemp. Wrap your twine/hemp around the bottle several times, and then add some more hot glue, just to keep things in place. (While you’re wrapping, make sure that you are covering up that extra piece that is hanging down.) After the glue, go ahead a slip your first charm or two on. Keep wrapping your twine, and when you’re ready, slip on some more charms. I wouldn’t recommend putting them all right next to each other on the twine because it may cause the twine/hemp to pull away from the bottle. Also, be sure to keep adding hot glue after wrapping it a few times, just to make sure nothing slips.

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

8. To tie your twine/hemp off, tuck the end under your second to last section. Again, see the pictures. There really isn’t an easy way of explaining this part. Pull that section down and put a dot of hot glue right where the two pieces of twine/hemp meet. Push it back up, into the hot glue and trim any excess twine/hemp off the end.

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |

9. Finally, display your bottles and, if you wish, fill them with decorative flowers, sprigs, or branches. You can see that I didn’t because I put them on a book shelf, but I probably would have otherwise!

Easy DIY Wine Bottle Decor |



When choosing scrapbook paper, try to stick to 3-4 colors that complement each other.

Be sure to think about how the paper will look after you cut it into strips. You may want to avoid paper with large designs.

Mod podge tends to dry quickly, so work with it in small sections. I would recommend 1 or 2 strips-worth at a time.

Wrap your twine or hemp as tight as possible to prevent sagging or unwanted movement.


I seriously have so much fun crafting. I just find that I’m at peace (ha, no wonder I post about it here 🙂 ). Making these wine bottles was no exception. Plus I love that the bookshelf in my living room now has a little more style to it! Tell me about your favorite DIY decor project in the comments!


Wondering what to do with your leftover mod podge? How about making a jar for collecting all your change? Click here for directions!

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  1. Modge podge is literally the best thing ever invented. I used it for my homemade wedding decorations! Love your wine bottles, absolutely adorable!

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