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My name is Claira and I am child of God, attempting to conquer my world with grace and find peace in every aspect of my life. I have tree-hugger tendencies and an iced tea obsession. Being newly married, I am slowly figuring out what it takes to create balance in life. I do have a few things figured out though, like my passion for Christ, my love for creating, and my excitement about life.

I started A Little Peace of Home with the hope that I might be able to inspire others by living my fullest life. Not full as in busy or cluttered, but full of things that bring me joy, challenge me in some inviting way, help me grow, and create peace in my favorite place on earth: home.

Peace is somewhat of an illusive concept isn’t it? But I believe that there are many small things in our daily lives that can help us find moments of peace. For me, peace is found in things like good food, strong relationships, bouts of necessary fun and adventure, being creative, making new things, and finding new ways to live a more natural life. The main source of my peace though, comes from knowing who holds my tomorrow, so you will see plenty of posts about my Christian walk as well!

Aside from keeping things up and running around here, I also work with children who have autism, and I’m working on my Master’s degree to become a family therapist (so you can expect family life and relationships posts in the future!). I also love to craft, travel, learn new things, and spend time with loved ones. I am so looking forward to making great connections through this blog and using it as a canvas to share my upcoming adventures!

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