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Hi, I’m Lindsay, the author of A Little Peace of Home. Really quickly, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what the site is all about. The aim of A Little Peace of Home is to provide you with hints about the next purchase for your house. Are you looking for inspiration about home décor ideas or other products related to the home theme? We’ll give you hints about what you should look out for when buying those products and will showcase some of the best examples.

What can you expect from ALittlePeaceofHome.com? A Little Peace of Home aims to give you inspirational ideas for your home in the form of hints. In addition A Little Peace of Home will showcase some example products related to certain topics. Articles can have anywhere from 1 to a maximum of 7 hints per article.

The articles on A Little Peace of Home will be written with a specific theme in mind. The current categories are: Home and Garden, Kitchen, Pets, Game Room and Cleaning.

A Little Peace of Home Categories

More main themes will be added in the future. On this page you can find a preview of category.

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Home and Garden 

Everything that can be possibly related to a home will be discussed in the category Home and Garden.

Example hint: Discover the best tall glass vases to be displayed in your home. We reviewed different style glass vases you can put in your home or use for a wedding. In addition we have discussed decorative vase filler ideas beside flowers.

Example hint: Do you have ugly utility boxes sprinkler valves you want to hide or water pumps in your garden? Cover up these ugly items in your garden with fake artificial rocks for landscaping. The beauty of using artificial rocks is that they look realistic and are easy to use. The end result is that your garden will feel more natural.

Example hint: Wall shelves are awesome furniture pieces you can have in your home. The problem with wall shelves, however is that they often require drilling into walls to be mounted upon it. The solution to that problem is using nailless wall shelves! These are the best no drilling and no damage wall shelves for your home. We also explained the multiple purposes of nailless wall shelves and how to hang them on a wall.


In the Kitchen theme you can read articles related to kitchen products or ideas.

Example hint: Did you always dream about making coffee by pressing just one little button? Super automatic coffee makers is the answer to your question. Read our review about the best super automatic coffee makers which includes different brands and price ranges.


Pets can enrich your live so much! Therefore your pets should have the best possible products that are available today. Click here to see the category Pets.

Game Room

In the category Game Room, you can read articles related to the gaming theme.


In the category Cleaning you can expect to read all kinds of articles about cleaning products.

Additional topics will be added in the future. Check back soon to find new content.

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