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Backless Framed Photo Display

I am in love with my newest creation. I adjusted a regular photo frame to make a backless framed photo display. One of my favorite things about it is how quick and easy it is to swap out photos. It adds some farmhouse appeal to my home (can’t go wrong there!) and lets me change the photos whenever my heart desires. Want to make your own backless framed photo display? Keep scrolling for step-by-step directions!

DIY backless framed photo display with mini clothespins |

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Large, sturdy photo frame (I used this 16” x 20” frame)

Staple gun and staples


Miniature clothespins

Photos (I always order mine on Shutterfly!)


1. Take the backing and glass off your frame. You won’t be needing these anymore so you can just set them to the side. Decide whether you want your frame to hang vertically or horizontally, keeping in mind the size of photos you plan on using.

2. When you’ve decided how you want your frame to hang, it’s time to add the twine. I did some rough measurements and figured I could make three rows of 4×6 photos fit into my horizontal frame. Use your staple gun to affix the end of the twine to the back of the frame, as close to the top as you can. The pictures below will show you the best way to keep the twine from slipping out of the staple. This technique uses two staples. The first staple goes in just like you’d expect. You’ll the fold the twine back toward the center of the frame, sort of hooking it around the staple. The second staple goes over both stands of twine (the original strand and the folded over strand), closer to the center of the frame than the first staple. Again, refer to the pictures. It’s a little tricky to explain.

DIY backless framed photo display with mini clothespins | DIY backless framed photo display with mini clothespins |

3. When attaching the twine to the other side, make sure not to leave too much slack. You don’t want your photos hanging way too low, and the weight of them will pull the twine down some when they are clipped on. Use the same technique to staple the twine to this side of the frame.

4. Repeat the process of adding twine to your frame until you have enough. Remember to leave plenty of room between the rows of twine for your photos. When you are attaching the last row of twine, make sure that it’s not too close the bottom edge of your frame.

5. Arrange your photos however you like and use the clothespins to clip your photos to the frame. You can hang your backless framed photo display on the wall using Command Strips or small nails.

DIY backless framed photo display with mini clothespins |



Some tips for making your own backless framed photo display:

  • Don’t pre-cut the twine. Staple the first side and then roll out enough twine to get to reach the other side without creating too much slack. Staple the second side and then make your cut.
  • If you staple your twine and then realize it’s too high or too low on the frame, don’t stress. Simply cut the twine as close as you can to the staple and start again. No one will see that that random staple in the back!
  • Clip some pictures on the twine as you go to make sure everything will fit like you’re hoping. Clipping them in the middle of the twine is probably best, since this is where it will hang the lowest.



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