Air Fresheners for Bathroom Smells

What happens inside the bathroom should be kept and preferably resolved within the bathroom as well. The smells that come from your bathroom can make your guests want to run for the hills, while making you go through fits of embarrassment.

Your bathroom is definitely the most frequented area of your home. Unfortunately, while you flush away waste, the odor can keep lingering around in the air.

Then there is the smell from mold and mildew that can easily permeate through the walls, if your bathroom is not properly ventilated. The mixture of these smells makes for a quite pungent and unpleasant environment, which you surely wouldn’t want to have inside your home. The best way to tackle these problems is through the use of the best air freshener for bathroom smells.

The 5 Best Air Fresheners for Bathroom Smells

The best air freshener for bathroom smells would not just counter whatever smells coming from the toilet, but also cover them with a pleasant fragrance of its own. Here we mention a detailed list of the best air fresheners for bathroom smells. You can go through the air fresheners in this list and the guide below to determine just which one is best for you.

1. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

This Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray should be sprayed a bit on the toilet bowl before you step into the lavatory. The good part about this spray is that it ensures that no foul smells originate in the first place. The product has a natural smell to it, which gives a feel of citrus. This is perfect for anyone who wouldn’t want to use artificial smells with toxics.

Since this product is used in advance, it not only masks all odors that already there, but also helps cover the smells that originate after you are done.


  • You can spray one bottle over 50 times.
  • Comes within a portable bottle
  • Devoid of any chemicals
  • Eco-friendly product


  • The citrus scent isn’t really the best one around.

2. Moso Natural 200 gm Air Purifying Bags

These Moso Natural 200 gm Air Purifying Bags come in the form of scented bags for your lavatory. Each of these Moso Natural Bags contains natural bamboo charcoal that can deodorize even the most odorous places such as your bathroom. The bags are meant to be hung around any odorous space, as it performs its magic for a period of up to 2 years.

This product also does a good job in keeping bacteria, mold and mildew outside of your home.


  • Effectively eliminates all odors
  • Is a natural solution and is also considered to be decent for the environment.
  • Easy to put inside your bathroom


  • Smaller coverage, you might need more than one to cover a bigger bathroom.

3. GermGuardian GG1100W Pluggable UVC Sanitizer and Deodorizer

This GermGuardian GG1100W Pluggable UVC Sanitizer and Deodorizer is the perfect product to use for people with bigger air purifying needs. This device can easily be plugged within a bathroom outlet and can be turned on to keep all unwanted odors at bay. The natural fragrance comes with titanium dioxide to keep all odors out of your bathroom.


  • Can work well to make your bathroom odor free
  • Energy-efficient and wouldn’t hit your energy bills hard
  • Can work for bigger spaces


  • Require a specific kind of bulb that should be replaced every once a while.

4. BestFire Mini Ionic Freshener

This BestFire Mini Ionic Freshener does a great job at purifying and sterilizing the air you breathe inside of your bathroom. The device keeps all sorts of germs, bacteria and viruses at bay and gives you the perfect oxygen to breathe.

The freshener can also eliminate harmful gases and comes equipped with an effective micro CPU. You can use the CPU inside to operate the device at your optimal level.


  • Good for cleaning air
  • Keeps odors away
  • Doesn’t rely on electricity


  • Not as effective in bigger spaces

5. Renuzit Pearl Scents Super Odor Neutralizer

This Renuzit Pearl Scents Super Odor Neutralizer comes in a jar that can be used for over 30 days in one go. You can sift through the different fragrances to decide exactly what you might be looking for. The coverage is good and this product will cover your month.


  • Does a good job at freshening the air
  • People love the scent
  • Reviews show it to be effective.


  • To be replaced every month.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Bathroom Air Fresheners

Choosing the best air freshener for bathroom smells from the list we have mentioned here can be a tricky task.

A good air freshener should help you mask all musty and moldy odors from your bathroom and ensure that you don’t find the idea of frequenting the space repulsive. Your bathroom shouldn’t necessarily smell like a garden, but you would still want the bad odors to be negated.

Some of the features you should look out for and should consider in the air freshener you buy are:

How it Fulfils Your Needs

You ought to know just how the air freshener will fulfill the needs you have. To do so, you have to first determine what exactly your needs are. Once you have determined your needs. You need to work on them and make sure that they are fulfilled.

If you have odors of mold and human waste coming from your toilet, then you would have to opt for a stronger air freshener with proven capabilities. A stronger air freshener would get rid of all persistent smells and would last for longer.

So, you need to first identify your needs and then determine the exact air freshener that can tackle those needs.


You should look to go for an air freshener that has bigger and better coverage. Your air freshener should easily cover the entire bathroom and should clear away odors from the entire area. If you have a bigger bathroom, then you would want to get an air freshener that provides you with the coverage you are looking for.

Air fresheners with shorter coverage can work for smaller bathrooms, but don’t work for bigger ones.

Consider Natural Options

You should want to go for natural flavors in the air freshener that you go for. Natural options happen to be the best and safeguard you from the chemicals and toxins that you can otherwise inhale. You should preferably choose an air freshener that helps in eliminating toxins in a natural manner. A natural smell also feels good to the nose.

Our Final Thoughts

Your bathroom and the odors within it deserve your attention, and you should make sure that you limit them to a certain extent. The options we have mentioned here can help you limit these smells and get the most out of the experience.

With the right air freshener, you can make your bathroom a better place to be in. Based on just how much it is frequented by guests and other visitors, you should look to make the environment as good as possible.