Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleepers

Are you tired of coming late to work or appointments because you forget to set an alarm on your Smartphone? Are you tired of sleeping through your alarm clock? Are you tired because your alarm clock emits to much light and wakes you up?

Or are you tired because the ticking sounds of your clock keep you awake at night? We will discuss seven of the best alarm clocks available today.

Alarm clock with no ticking sounds and other key points:

Alarm sounds, snooze functions, silent clocks, no ticking sounds, the brightness of the light the clock emits and also some nice looking designs that would fit with the other items in your home.

Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleepers

The 7 Best Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleepers

In short, you will read about a simple alarm clock for deep sleepers, alarm clock for snoozers and other kinds of cool alarm clocks.

Wireless Bluetooth Alarm Clock

The TSTAR Wireless Bluetooth Alarm Clock comes with a lot of features. The wireless Bluetooth function connects with the portable speaker stereo so you can listen to your favorite music throughout the day. The battery will last 8 to 12 hours before you have to recharge it again. This clock also has a built-in led light which you can manually operate to change the brightness of the alarm clock.

The alarm sound is of a high quality. Another neat feature is the voice controls, which can give you information about when to recharge your clock again. The TSTAR Alarm clock is a perfect example of modern clocks because it can function in multiple ways.

The Advance Time Technology Alarm Clock

The Advance Time Technology Alarm Clock is a simple functioning alarm clock. If you want to keep things simple and just want a reliable clock to wake you up every morning, then this clock fits the description. It has a led display which showcases the numbers in red. On the top of the device is a snooze button that will repeat every nine minutes so this is a perfect alarm clock for snoozers.

The clock is designed for bedside use so you cannot mount it on a wall. The alarm sound is average. On the back of the clock is a rectangular door where you can insert one AA battery as a backup in case there is a power outage.

The Big Time Large Led Display Alarm Clock

The Big Time Large Led Display Alarm Clock is another simple alarm clock. The design of the clock is black, with a red led digit display. The led display is large so you can easily read the time from the other side of the room and can be useful if you have eye problems. The clock needs to be mounted on a wall or a table and you can access it with a remote control.

For the light sleepers under us, the screen has an on and off feature and makes no noise. You can select if the clock will display the time in either 12 hours or 24 hours a. The alarm sound is decent but could be louder.

The Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock

The Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock is an ultra small clock perfect for traveling because you can easily fit in your suitcase. It is a low budget clock and is designed to be portable so you can take it with you wherever you want. The clock has no ticking sounds and is completely silent and has a snooze function. This clock is suited for those that want a soundless alarm clock. Or for those that want an alarm clock for snoozers.

The hands of the clock will glow in the dark and the alarm is easy to set. The alarm sounds are loud enough so you will not sleep through your alarm. This is a clock fit for heavy sleepers that want an alarm clock for deep sleepers. This cheap clock has it all!

The Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The The Wake Up Light Alarm Clock  main feature is that it has a sunrise simulation, which means that the light will gradually brighten to 100% at the set time. Along with the sunrise simulation, you can choose to wake up completely silent, wake up with your favorite radio station or with nature sounds. The alarm sound quality is good enough.


At night time you can choose between five different adjustable lights or just turn it off completely. If you are not a morning person then perhaps this clock can help you wake up in a room with light instead of a dark room.

The Marathon Analog Alarm Clock

The Marathon Analog Alarm Clock is a small clock with no led display. This clock also does not emit a ticking sound and thus is silent. The alarm sound has a nice volume. It has a snooze button on top of the clock and it has a night light so you can still tell the time at night. Likewise, you can turn off the night light if you do not like it.

The Marathon Analog Alarm Clock is the perfect example of a classic clock, it is a simple functioning alarm clock.

The Newo Metal Alarm clock

The Newo Metal Alarm clock is another classic clock. It has the classic round design and function. The clock has a silent sweep. The alarm sound is loud and perfect for those that want an alarm clock for deep sleepers. The clock is small enough to put it on a nightstand.