Clog Removers for Bathroom Sinks

Soapy water standing in your bathroom sink isn’t something that can be easily ignored, if at all. However, while slow or clogged drains are one of the most annoying things to deal with, the good news is that you can easily clear the blocked drains without having to call in a plumber. The safest and most inexpensive way to encounter this issue is by using a small plunger before chemically exfoliating the drain with the best clog removers for a bathroom sink.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Clog Removers for Bathroom Sinks

Several people don’t use clog removers, preferring to use plungers for doing damage control. However, that only helps them unclog the sink for only a few days, if even that, before the issue re-arises. On the other hand, when chemical-based cleaners are poured into the drain system, it effectively kills the problem’s crux by cleaning your sink from deep inside. In this article, we’ll share the best tips for preventing a bathroom sink from clogging in addition to listing the five top-reviewed clog removers on Amazon that are a must-buy!

How to Prevent a Bathroom Sink from Clogging

The reason for clogged sinks primarily depends upon how you use your bathroom sink. Here are a few things you can do or avoid to prevent the sinks from clogging in the future:

1. Avoid Washing Your Hair in the Sink

The first mistake most people make that leads to clogged drains is washing their hair in the sink. When broken hair gets stuck beneath or around the sink’s stoppers, it deteriorates the drainage system.

2. Clean the Sink’s Stopper Weekly

Cleaning your sink’s stopper every week is the best way to ensure nothing gets jammed into the drain, causing it to block or slow down.

Clog Removers for Bathroom Sinks

3. Use a Drain Strainer

To prevent anything problematic from going down the drain, you can use a drain strainer in your bathroom sink. Moreover, you can clean the filter after each use, so nothing accumulates there.

4. Don’t Drain Used Paper Products or Dental Floss

Throwing used paper products or dental floss also effectively clogs the drain, and it requires strong clog removers to clean the bathroom sink afterward.

5. Don’t Rinse Cement in the Sink

People doing renovation work in their bathrooms should avoid rinsing cement and grout in the bathroom sink, as it gets your sink jammed in the worst way possible.

The 5 Best Clog Removers for a Bathroom Sink

Now that you know what factors to consider for preventing your sink from clogging, let’s review the best clog removers for a bathroom sink for making an eligible purchase!

1. Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover

The thick chemical-induced formula in Drano Max clog remover cuts straight through the standing water, clinging to the most challenging-to-reach and restrictive spots. It works incredibly well to remove the jammed hair, soap scums, and other clogs within fifteen minutes of application. However, it’s best to avoid using a plunger during or after this product is applied in case the chemicals may still be present in the drain. Moreover, it is advised not to turn on the water supply when your hands are unprotected as the solution may splash back. For removing the tougher stains and clogs, you may leave the product overnight.

2. CLR Clear Pipes and Drains

For cleaning the monthly build-ups, there’s no better choice than using CLR clog remover. The product is EPA-certified, as the ingredients used in it don’t contain ammonia, phosphorous, or bleach. Whether it’s your hair clogging the drain or any other persisting gunk, you can use this every month to ensure nothing gets stuck in the drain system. Moreover, if you don’t like the strong smell of clog removers, this will be the ideal choice for you, as it is designed to be entirely fragrance-free.

3. Liquid Plumr Clog Destroyer

Liquid Plumr is a foaming clog fighter that’s best for removing the toughest of blocks. Just pour a healthy dose of solution into the drain and wait for sixty minutes. Then, you can open the hot water supply to clear the chemical solution. Furthermore, it effectively gets rid of all kinds of funky smells without leaving any bleach-type scent. Note that it’s not recommended to use a plunger after or during the application to avoid splashing the chemically diluted fluid onto the skin.

4. Rejuvenate Disposer and Pipe Cleaner

Rejuvenate cleaner is one of the best clog removers for a bathroom sink that you can find online with thousands of customer reviews. Not only does this clog-fighting solution cleans all kinds of blocks from the sink, but it also leaves a soft lemon and lavender smell in its wake to give your bathroom a freshly scrubbed feel. It is recommended to use this chemical solution weekly to prevent any orgasms and clogs from accumulating.

5. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain and Pipe Cleaner

Another excellent product for cleaning your bathroom sinks is the Glisten Disposer clog remover, as it safely and effectively gets rid of the clogs other brands’ products can’t. The customers raving about this product are mostly the ones using the foaming drain for several years. The biodegradable packet is an alternative to the regular liquid clog removers, scrubbing the sink’s sidewalls while cleaning the drain system without requiring you to do anything.

Our Final Thoughts

The products included in this article are the best clog removers for a bathroom sink. Nevertheless, before using any of these recommendations, we would highly suggest reading the instructions on the package’s backside. Moreover, it’s advised never to mix bleach or any other cleaner with these products and use gloves when pouring the chemical solution down the drain for safe practices. Lastly, you should always use hot (but not boiling) water to flush the fluid down the drain, making sure the bathroom sink is free of all chemicals before regular use.