Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Climates

Since the garage in your home comes without proper insulation and weather proofing, it is bound to be more affected by the temperature and the weather outside. Most people tend to focus a lot on weather proofing their primary area of residence, but don’t show as much concern to proofing the garage area.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Climates

Due to the poor proofing mechanism, your garage area will become extremely hot in areas with hot climates. Homeowners in hot climates will also risk falling sick whenever they walk from the air conditioned cold of their interior space into the extremely hot temperature of their garage. Frequent exposure to varying temperature levels can make you sick.

The extremely hot conditions in your garage can also become a risk factor for the emergence of mold and mildew in the area. Mold flourishes in hot temperatures and can be quite a hassle to clear away.

While many homeowners might think that the only solution to this problem is to get a new garage door with better proofing, we believe a simple insulation kit will get the job done for you. The presence of a garage door insulation kit will keep away the forces of the weather and maintain pleasant temperature in the area.

In this article we take a look at some of the best garage door insulation kits for hot climates. Put an end to the extremely hot temperatures in your garage today with one of these kits.

Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Climates

What to Consider Before Buying a Garage Door Insulation Kit

There are a number of garage door insulation kits available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a number of key factors during the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:

Size and Shape of Garage Door

The size and shape of your garage door is an important factor to consider when getting a garage door insulation kit for the area. You should know the exact size specifications of your garage door and get a kit that sits perfectly well in it. Anything more or less than that will prove to be a disaster in installation.


Garage door insulation kits come with various materials. The efficiency of the insulation kit and the price that it comes for are defined by the material it is made of. You may find kits made of fiberglass, spray foam, rigid foam and cellulose.

Fiberglass happens to be the most common of the lot and is known to be the most durable. Additionally, fiberglass insulation kits for garage doors also carry high resistance value of above 7. This is excellent for insulation.

Noise Reduction

A good garage door insulation kit can help reduce the noise from outdoor areas as well. However, since the kits aren’t specifically meant for noise reduction purposes, they might not be a good fit for that very purpose. Think of noise reduction as an added benefit.

The 5 Best Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Climates

Now that you know what to look for in a garage door insulation kit, let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best garage door insulation kits for hot climates, specifically.

1. Nasa Tech White Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation Kit

This Nasa Tech Garage Door Insulation Kit is known to be impressive and does an amazing job at decreasing the temperature inside your garage area during hot seasons. The kit features high quality reflective white foam and measures 18 by 8 feet.

The kit is extremely effortless and easy to install and you can follow the company instructions to install it in a breeze.

2. MWS Garage Door Insulation Kit | Reflective Foam

This MWS Garage Door Insulation Kit comes with heavy duty reflective foam. The quality of this material is excellent and has a Class 1 A fire rating. This kit is also known to be highly efficient in extremely hot temperatures.

The installation process takes less than an hour and is easy to process. The kit also features water proofing to completely minimize the forces of weather.

3. US Energy Products Commercial Garage Door Insulation


This US Energy Products Garage Door Insulation Kit is recommended by most experts and we completely agree with them. The kit does come at a premium price but provides an effective barrier against increment weather.

One role of this kit can cover two wide garage doors. The efficiency of this kit is excellent as it carries an R – value of almost 8. The thin coverage is excellent for this kit.

4. Nasa Tech White Reflective Foam Garage Door Insulation Kit

This Nasa Tech White Reflective Foam Garage Door Insulation Kit is the second by NASA tech on our list and is completely flawless. The lightweight but sturdy material offers decent protection without any additional overheads.

The most notable thing about this kit is that even unskilled people or beginners can install it without a worry. The kit comes in the form of rolls and is easy to install on one door.

5. Anco Best Garage Door Insulation

This Anco Garage Door Insulation comes with a high R-value of almost 9 and efficiently maintains a pleasant temperature in your garage even on days when the sun is scorching hot outdoors. The kit can ideally be used in both, hot and cold conditions.

The kit comes in a large roll of fiberglass insulation that carries an attractive look to it. The installation is smooth and can be done by anyone.

Our Final Thoughts

The Nasa Tech White Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation Kit is our best pick for garage door insulation kits. The kit is extremely effortless and easy to install and comes with an efficient rating. You can make your final decision on the best solar pool heater by reading reviews online.