Mold Removers for a Bathroom

We all love washing away our stress with a long, hot shower after or before a particularly taxing day at work. However, we don’t usually pay attention when the humidity in our bathroom makes way for several detrimental factors that should be controlled at first sight. Among the top prevention measures for keeping your bathing space non-toxic and free of harmful bacteria is buying the best mold remover for a bathroom and keeping it fungus-free.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Mold Removers for a Bathroom

Moreover, many bathroom molds can be severely health-damaging for people with allergies and may even impact individuals without any health problems. It is unavoidable to encounter the irksome mold with humidity in the air and moistness on almost every other space, including tiles, sinks, and bathtubs. However, we can still reduce their growth to a significant extent using a quality mold remover.

Types of Molds to Know About

Researchers have identified approximately 100,000 distinct strains of mold. However, they all fit into one of the three categories given below:

1. Pathogenic Molds

Pathogenic molds mostly affect people who are immunocompromised. However, there have also been various diagnosed cases where this particular type of mold caused infections in humans even when they were in good health.

The most common pathogenic mold we can locate in the bathrooms is Aspergillus, as it mostly grows on any damp surface under a humid environment. The strains of this particular allergenic model are almost harmless for most people. However, they can also cause a severe fungal infection for people with weak immune systems.

Mold Removers for a Bathroom

2. Allergenic Molds

Allergenic molds are unlikely to cause any life-threatening illness, but they may aggravate mild allergies. Some people may even experience asthma symptoms and an allergic reaction, causing reactions like sneezing, running nose, itching, dry skin, and congestion. Furthermore, these mold spores can enter your system from touch as well as through the lungs.

Alternaria is a common allergenic mold that usually forms under sinks and bathtubs where wetness can linger. This type of mold is one of the severe asthma triggers and may even cause upper-respiratory disorders.

3. Toxigenic Molds

As the name indicates, the toxigenic molds can cause extreme responses in humans and animals by touch and through the lungs. Moreover, they induce severe chemical reactions in our system, leading to headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, and upper-respiratory discomfort.

A common example of toxigenic molds is Stachybotrys, also referred to as ‘black mold.’ It is advised not to delay your doctor’s appointment if you believe you have the symptoms indicating a toxigenic behavior.

The 5 Best Mold Removers for a Bathroom

Now that we’re aware of the basic types of molds that grow in a humid environment, let’s go over the top-rated and reviewed Amazon products to search for the best mold remover for a bathroom.

1. Rust-Oleum Jomax 308764 Mold Remover

The Jomax 308764 is one of the best-reviewed products on Amazon, flooding with excellent reviews regarding how it works exactly as per the given instructions. After all, you can apply it with a pump-up garden sprayer and simply walk away. There’s no need to rub or rinse the strains afterward. Moreover, it is an ideal product for removing heavy mold and mildew and all kinds of unwanted dark stains. And the best part is that you only have to give it around two weeks to see the desired results instead of waiting for months to eliminate the mold entirely.

2. MiracleMist ENCRMMIC4 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

The no-scrub MiracleMist ENCRMMIC4 is the perfect chemical formula for penetrating deep into the problematic, toxic strains and getting rid of years’ worth of accumulated grime, mold, and mildew. The product even contains a blend of modest amounts of bleach and detergents so that there is minimal chance for strains and mold to grow back after application. Furthermore, you can use it on the plastic shower curtains to remove all kinds of toxic bacteria without worrying about discoloration or damaging the material.

3. Vital-Oxide Mold and Mildew Remover

Vital-Oxide mold and mildew remover is the best mold remover for a bathroom if you’re looking for an EPA-registered, safe solution for removing mold, mildew and strains. Furthermore, it is a useful product for killing harmful bacteria and viruses that cause internal infections without leaving any discoloration and sour smell in the bathroom. Lastly, it relieves you of the bathroom clean-up duty for up to four weeks, guaranteeing a clean, non-toxic surface for the particular period.

4. Zep ZUMILDEW32 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Zep ZIMULDEW32 is an industrial-strength bleach cleaner that easily cleans hard stains, mold, and mildew, and whitens surfaces to perfection. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to wait for long hours for this formula to do its work, as the solution only needs to be applied on the surface for over a minute. After that, you can wipe and rinse the area with room temperature water, acquiring the wanted results in a couple of weeks upon consistent use.

5. Star Brite – 54432 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Another one of the best mold removers for bathrooms is Star Brite 54432. Based on the several customer reviews, you don’t have to scrub the area tirelessly to remove the mold and mildew, as it dilates into any material without discoloring the surface. Moreover, you can safely use the product on wood, concrete, and drywall as well, in addition to vinyl tiles and bathtubs. To top it off, you can use the Star Brite formula to clean the bathroom shutters that often accumulate toxic material due to humidity in the bathrooms.

Our Final Thoughts

You can safely choose any one of the mentioned products as the best mold remover for a bathroom to remove all kinds of molds and dark stains. However, we recommend wearing a cleaning glove and face mask and covering your eyes while applying these formulas to prevent direct contact. In the case of itchiness, we advise you to wash the irritated area with cold water until the feeling subsides.