Pedestals Fans for a Bedroom

Most of you must have participated in a steaming debate at some point about whether to choose an air conditioner or the best pedestal fans for a bedroom. Ultimately, you can’t deny that oscillating fans have way more benefits than any other cooling device once you list down their effective pros and cons. Whether you’re battling mid-summer heat or an overzealous radiator during the winters, oscillating fans remain the most preferable and cost-effective choice to stay comfortable.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Pedestal Fans for a Bedroom

Moreover, pedestal fans are an essential temperature regulator for bedrooms as they become too heated throughout the day because of their closed interior design. Air conditioners are only a reliable option if you want to run them for a few hours and can afford the massive bill. On the contrary, pedestal fans save you a hefty amount from your electricity bill, even if you operate them all day long. To top it off, these fans have become incredibly advanced these days, as they’re integrated with different features from height-adjustable options to multiple fanning modes.

What to Consider When Buying a Pedestal Fan for Bedroom

It is essential to consider a few things while surveying for the best pedestal fans for a bedroom. Once you know precisely what you want or prefer for the ultimate comfort, you can move on to look at the ideal options that match your requirements effectively.

1. Air-Flow and Speed Options

Most new pedestal fan models come with various air-flow and speed settings that you can set as per your preference.

2. Noise Factor

The whisper-quiet mechanism is also a relatively new feature that most people prefer when they buy a pedestal fan for bedrooms.

Pedestals Fans for a Bedroom

3. Size

It’s essential to make sure the oscillating fan you choose isn’t too big or too small for your bedroom.

4. Remote Control

If you want to control your fan’s settings remotely, there are numerous options available for pedestal fans that you can control through a simple device.

5. Affordability

Lastly, it’s best to come up with a specific price range before you begin your search for a quality pedestal fan.

The 5 Best Pedestal Fans for a Bedroom

Now that you know what things you should consider before making your final decision, let’s go over the best options you can find on Amazon based on outstanding customer reviews and high-starred ratings!

1. Pelonis DC Motor FS40-19PRD Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan

Pelonis FS40-19PRD is one of the most reliable oscillating fans equipped with enhanced performance features to ensure your ultimate comfort. The ultra-quiet technology in its machinery is engineered with a DC motor whose noise production is as low as 38 dB. This makes these fans especially ideal for bedrooms as well as nursing rooms. The energy-efficient stand fan also saves up to 35% of electricity cost than other traditional pedestal fans. What’s even more impressive is that this particular Pelonis model is designed with twelve different speed settings and a 12-hour timer that allows you to customize the powering options appropriately. The LED display remote control is another major perk of this 5-blade oscillating fan that lets you program individual settings most conveniently.

2. Lasko T42951 Portable Electric Oscillating Fan

Lasko T42951 is a top-of-the-line wind curve tower fan that features a slim, space-saving design to perfectly fit in your bedroom. Moreover, with widespread oscillation and easy-to-use electronic controls that let you select the preferable speed and timing options, it’s definitely one of the best pedestal fans for a bedroom you can find on the market. The Lasko portable fan has three speed settings, including a mode explicitly programmed with a whisper-quiet motor for nighttime comfort. Standing at 43” height, this modern, vertical design fan is also equipped with a safety feature that cuts off any electric current when it detects a potentially hazardous fault in its motor or power supply.

3. Honeywell HSF1640W Double Blade Pedestal Fan

Another one of the best choices you can find on Amazon is the Honeywell HSF1640W with three-speed settings and widespread oscillation. Its three air-flow options include normal, natural, and quiet that you can manually set as per your preference. These modes also promise to deliver 15% better air-flow as the fan’s double blades are designed for broader cooling power. Furthermore, you can convert the Honeywell pedestal fan into a floor fan because of its adjustable stand and movable head. To top it off, you can operate the fan with LED remote control for setting an auto-off timer for up to eight hours.

4. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan

Rowenta VU5670 is an ideal choice for those who want a sleek-styled, multi-featured, and portable pedestal fan that they can use in and outside their bedroom. It has five-speed settings, including turbo boost mode that functions whisper-quietly. Moreover, this Rowenta oscillating fan comes with a high-quality compact remote control that allows you to kick off the energy-saving mode that automatically decreases the air-flow while providing a constant cooling oscillation. Plus, you can use the 8-hour timer for powering off your fan after a particular period.

5. TaoTronics Tower Fan

If you’re looking for a fan that’s kid-friendly and pet-safe, look no further than the TaoTronic Tower Fan. This is a bladeless stand fan incorporating three-speed modes and three wind modes, enhancing air circulation through your space. With effortless portability and easy-to-use operation, this pedestal fan is like none other in the market in term of performance and features. Moreover, despite the complicated design, the TaoTronics tower fan is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain compared to other oscillating fans.

Our Final Thoughts

After learning the available features that the best pedestal fans for a bedroom have these days, you can make your purchase quite conveniently. Our recommendation is to choose one that fits well in your bedroom and has multiple speed and air-flow settings that you can use at any time of the day. Lastly, cleaning your oscillating fan blades every other month is necessary to ensure they function for a very long time without encountering any problem.