Rude & Funny Doormats

Doormats are one of the first things you see when entering a new home for the first time. Therefore doormats can say a lot about your personality. Are you the type of person that likes humor? Then you might want to look at funny doormats or rude doormats.

Are you the type of person which likes simplicity? Then you can just pick out a simple looking design from the indoor or outdoor mats and use the doormat for its function. Are you an animal lover? Then you might want special doormats designed for your pets, perhaps even with a design of a cat or dog!

Welcome doormats can instantly give you the homey feeling you would want from your home and are another way to decorate your home!

What else do you need to know before buying a doormat?

It is advisable to look at the size of the doormat, depending on the available space at your home, you could buy a small, medium or large size mat. Furthermore, you might also want to think about the size of a doormat when you have animals, bigger dogs, for example, can step right over your small sized mat.

In addition to the size of a mat, you would need to think about the weather patterns. Do you want to use an outdoor mat or even an indoor mat when you can expect a lot of wetness? For example: rain or snow. Consequently, you need to figure out beforehand if you will use the doormat frequently when there is a lot of dirt around.

For instance, animals or kids who have played outside can bring mud or sand back to your home. Therefore a good question to ask yourself: Is the doormat easy to clean?

Another point to think about is cleaning your new doormat. You should check the available methods of cleaning the doormat you want to buy. There are mats which can be washed in a washing machine, whereas others cannot. Other methods of cleaning are vacuuming, sweeping, hosing and shaking out a doormat.

Cleaning a doormat is important because otherwise the main function of doormats namely: keeping dirt out will not work. As a result you will end up with dirty floors, so remember cleaning the doormat often.

The four main types of doormats

  • Indoor doormats
  • Outdoor doormats
  • Funny doormats
  • Rude doormats
  • Doormats for pets

Indoor doormats

Doormats that are meant for the inside of your house are typically softer and will have a nice looking design. This isn’t to say that you cannot have simple looking designs as an indoor doormat, however simple looking designs are often more used for outdoor doormats. Indoor doormats can give you that warm feeling when you enter a home and thus your entryway choices could be of significant value.

Andersen 280 WaterHog Fashion Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

This doormat has a polypropylene fiber system and dries quickly. It has a border which keeps dirt and water off your floor. It is available in many colors and sizes.

Outdoor doormats

Doormats that are meant for the outside of your house are typically simpler in design and are made to withstand rainy or snow days, along with a lot of dirt. Another feature is that they can be easily cleaned.

J & M Home Fashions Ribbed Utility Mat

The J & M Home Fashions Ribbed Utility Mat is made for outdoor use and can withstand any weather type. You can clean the mat with a hose, vacuum or sweep. It is available in three sizes.

Funny doormats and  rude doormats

Rude doormats and funny doormats are meant to be funny and generally have humorous designs. For instance they can have entertaining words or phrases on them, or silly pictures. These types of doormates can give someone a quick insight into your humor.

Kempf Go Away Doormat

This is a perfect example of rude doormats. This rude doormat has a design with the funny phrase go away. It is made of natural coconut fibers and can be used year round. Water can be easily drained through the mat.

Do you live here? Doormat


The Do You Live Here doormat is another example of a rude doormat, while still being humorous. The doormat can be use indoors as well as outdoors. The mat can be cleaned via a hose.

Coco mats rude doormat

Another good example of a rude doormat, is this doormat with the saying: oh shit not you again. The doormat is made from natural coir fibers. The mat is easy to clean and durable.

Classic Coir Funny Mat – Friends Welcome (Relatives by Appointment)

Another example of a funny welcome doormat. This one has the phrase: friends welcome (relatives by appointment). It has natural coir fibers and is best used in dry places.

Doormats for pets

Doormats that are designed for animals have some special features. Namely: microfibers and high absorption rates. The function of microfiber strands are that they are made to dry five times faster than ordinary doormats because of the high absorption rates. Wet and dirty dogs and cats are therefore easy to deal with and will not make such a mess in the rest of your house.

Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug Microfiber Dog Pet Doormat

This doormat has a simple looking flower design and is available as a medium or large size. It has microfibers for fast absorption of dirt and wetness and will keep your floors clean. The doormat can be easily cleaned and dried in a wash machine. In addition the material of the rug is soft so it is comfortable for your pet.