Tablets for Kitchen Use

Nobody can deny the prominence of technology in the modern era. From buying groceries to life-saving operations, every aspect of our lives involves technology in some fashion. Similarly, tablets can be used to do far more in the kitchen than just amusing yourself with a nice e-book, song, or TV show during a cooking session.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Tablets for Kitchen Use

A tablet can be a great sidekick for your cooking adventures. You can use them to display recipes that you are working with and do crucial measurements for ingredients without leaving the kitchen. If you feel sluggish, you can just put on a follow-along cooking show for a step-by-step guide or hold a video call with a cooking teacher for some one-to-one coaching.

A tablet is also an excellent tool for planning your meals or taking photos of your marvelous creations in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Looking for a tablet for your kitchen can be a daunting task as you need to ensure that the device can withstand the kitchen’s challenging environment and be helpful outside the kitchen should you wish to use it.

The 4 Best Tablets for Kitchen Use

Today, we have compiled a list of the best tablets for kitchen use. Follow along to learn more.

Tablets for Kitchen Use

1. Amazon Fire HD 10

The Amazon Fire HD 10 would be an incredible addition to your kitchen as it offers a great combination between price and function. The tablet comes with respectable screen size, decent processing power if you need to use it outside the kitchen.

The best thing about the Fire HD 10 is its captivating 10.1-inch screen with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200. The tablet is viewable from most angles, and the resolution is potent enough to view the small details in images and videos. Storage options include a 32GB and a 64GB option and a powerful Quad-core 1.3GHz processing unit (CPU) with 1GB of RAM.

These specifications might not be mind-blowing, but they are more than sufficient for use in and outside the kitchen. Furthermore, the Fire HD 10 has Alexa, which can help you set timers, convert units, control appliances, or develop recipe ideas with a simple voice command. So, whether you are an upcoming food blogger, learning how to cook, or want to enjoy some Candy Crush while your steaks marinate, the Fire HD 10 is ideal for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have access to Google Play meaning your access to applications could be limited as Amazon products connect to the Amazon store.

2. Apple iPad

If you think that the iPad would be too expensive for you, remember that we are not recommending the iPad Pro or something along those lines, but the basic version.

The Apple iPad 128GB 10.2-inch is a slick device that will serve your desires inside and outside the kitchen without a problem. From finding recipes using Siri to playing games to lighten the mood, you can do it all without a single challenge on the iPad.

Even more demanding things such as video editing and streaming can be easily performed using its beastly A10 processor and a whopping 3GB of Ram. Furthermore, it has a max storage capacity of 128GB which more than enough to store all your recipes and videos. The 10.2-inch retina screen will also treat your eyes.

However, there are some downsides with the iPad that you should consider. The tablet itself is not waterproof and can be easily scratched or dented. All in all, the device is not that durable in comparison to other devices on this list. This could be an essential consideration as things can get pretty heated in the kitchen, both literally and metaphorically.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 128GB Wi-Fi Tablet Black

It would be evil to include the Apple iPad and leave out Samsung, which is its biggest competitor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a great answer to the critics who don’t like Apple or iOS.

The tablet boasts a 2560 x 1600 resolution alongside a 10.5-inch AMOLED display which offers a breathtaking viewing experience that some might consider better than Apple’s iPad. Moving along, the tablet features Qualcomm’s trustworthy CPU and 128GB of storage for all your kitchen needs and beyond.

The S5e will reveal the most intricate details while watching your favorite cooking shows or enjoying some games during downtime. You can even throw on some Netflix while cooking, and your experience would be great.

Moreover, you also get access to Google Assistant, which, according to a few reports, has shown to have a faster response time in comparison to Siri or Alexa. Like Alexa, Google Assistant can also guide you step by step through the recipes with only a voice command that is not possible on Siri.

There are not many negatives with the S5e, but one thing you should consider before buying this tablet is that it could only use the Google Play Store, limiting your access to some apps.

4. 10″ Android Tablet with Counter/Cabinet Stand by Key Ingredient

If you don’t want to splash a lot of cash, then try going for Key Ingredient’s 10-inch Android Tablet. Although the display is not as striking as the iPad or S5e, what you lose in performance is gained in price savings. The 10-inch tablet is the most affordable option on our list and is perfect for people with a small budget looking to buy a tablet only for kitchen use.

The device has a 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, which are only good for viewing videos and kitchen recipes. The performance drop-off is significant once you try to do any demanding tasks such as playing video games. But for some people, this is what they are looking for, which makes the Key Ingredient tablet an obvious choice.

The tablet is also very durable as it can easily handle a few splashes or spills in the kitchen due to the waterproof design. One could easily see that the tablet was made with kitchen use in consideration as this is the only model that comes with a stand that can permanently be mounted anywhere in the kitchen, keeping your tablet safe.

Our Final Thoughts

Tablets take up around 3% market share in the world of desktops, mobile, and tablets which brings in many options that can be overwhelming for some people who are not too experienced with technology. We hope that our list of the best tablets for kitchen use will help you make an informed decision.