Tall Glass Vases for Centerpieces

Flowers are an important detail into making your house feel like a home. You can never have too many colorful flowers in your home and flowers need decorative vases. Most flowers have a long length and so that is why we are going to review the best tall glass vases in particular.

There are many types of vases available, for example, you could have wooden vases, metal vases, glass vases etc. We like to see our flowers through the glass on our table centers and that is why we are going to discuss glass vases.

The different kind of shapes glass vases can have

Like vases can be of different types, they can also have different shapes. The most common glass vases shapes are:

Tall Glass Vases for Centerpieces

Square glass vases, cylinder glass vases, rectangle glass vases and trumpet glass vases.

We will show you an example of each shape in our best tall glass vases review. Afterward, we will give you some cool decorative product ideas to use instead of flowers to fill up your glass vases.

The best tall glass vases for centerpieces: our hints

Glass Eiffel Tower Vases

This 20-inch vase is a stunning and elegant product. The elegant style of the vase makes it great as a wedding centerpiece. Likewise, you can use it at your dining table. The Glass Eiffel Tower Vases comes in a pack of 12 individual vases and therefore are suitable for long individual type flowers.

Clear Large Trumpet Pilsner Glass Vase

This glass vase has a trumpet shape. It is a beautiful 23-inch large vase. The opening of the vase is larger than the bottom so you can have multiple flowers displayed in it. The Clear Large Trumpet Pilsner Glass Vase comes in a pack of 6 pieces.

Cylinder Vase

The Cylinder vase has a big opening parallel to the bottom of the vase, so many flowers can be placed within it. The large size of the product makes it a great choice for a centerpiece arrangement. The Cylinder Vase comes in a pack of 6 pieces.

Square Large Glass Vase

The Square Large Glass Vase is a cheap glass vase. It has a square shape and is 8 inches wide on each side of the vase. The type of the shape makes it perfect for if you want to display plants in your home instead of flowers.

Flower Glass Vase Decorative Centerpiece

The rectangle Flower Glass Vase Decorative Centerpiece is 14 inches tall and can be filled with many types of flowers as well as candles and other vase fillers. The beautiful look it has makes it an excellent choice for a centerpiece.

What else can you put in a glass vase?

Decorative items you could put in your glass vase:

  • You can use water pearls as seen in the picture above. You have to soak the water pearls in water and within a couple of hours, their size will expand.
  • Another cool idea is to put colored water in a vase to make it more colorful.
  • Nautical items like rope, shells, rocks, and salt to represent the beauty of a beach can be put in your vase.
  • Like colored water, you could also fill your vase with colored sand.
  • You can store different kinds of food in a glass vase. Think of (dried) fruits and joyful candy.
  • Lastly, you can fill your glass vase with the classic items such as marbles, pebbles and beats.