Wall Mirrors with Shelves

Decorating your wall with mirrors is a great way to make a room look brighter and more spacious. Along with reflecting natural light, mirrors also help break the visual clutter and add an element of interest to your interior design. So, if you are in the market for some ornamental yet practical décor items, our carefully curated list of the best wall mirrors with shelves will help you out.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

You can hang these mirrors in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and hallway. The sturdy shelves add to the functionality of these mirrors, allowing you to display decorative pieces like candles or succulents. If you decide to treat the wall mirror as a vanity, you can use the shelf to store cosmetics, toiletries, or other personal items.

The 5 Best Wall Mirrors with Shelves

Here are the best wall mirrors with shelves that will add a hint of luxury and elegance to your home design.

1. Modern Round Arc Hanging Wall Mirror with Shelf

If you are looking for a contemporary mirror with a shelf, the Modern Round Arc Iron Hanging Wall Mirror by Stone & Beam could be the perfect option for your home. The dark bronze iron frame of the mirror gives it an antique appearance, while the arched top makes it look modern yet sophisticated. The shelf on the bottom of the mirror is ideal for holding keys, delicate showpieces, and other items.

This mirror measures 20.25 inches x 30 inches and has two wall brackets that make it easy to hang on the wall. In addition, it only weighs 13.73 pounds. The Modern Round Arc Iron Hanging Wall Mirror will go well with wooden and iron furniture alike, so you can display it in any corner of your room without a single worry. To ensure your wall décor lasts for years to come, make sure to clean it with a dry cloth and keep it away from moisture.

Wall Mirrors with Shelves

2. Ingram Barn Door Shelf Wall Mirror

The Ingram Farmhouse Barn Door Mirror with Shelf by FirsTime & Co. is a sight to behold. Measuring 20 inches x 25 inches, this rectangular mirror frame combines wood, metal, and glass to create an elevated look. Moreover, the rustic wood polish paired with a high-quality 13 inches x 17 inches mirror makes it an excellent accent piece to complement your farmhouse or cottage core décor.

This decorative mirror also includes a wooden shelf, which can hold lightweight items such as keys, small photo frames, and other decorative pieces. You can hang the Ingram Farmhouse Barn Door Mirror with Shelf in your bathroom, bedroom, home office, living room, kitchen, or entryway. In addition, it will make for a great birthday, anniversary, or housewarming gift.

3. Rivet Modern Round Hanging Mirror with Shelf

If you appreciate finer things in life, you will surely appreciate the opulent charm and modern aesthetics of the Modern Round Hanging Mirror with Shelf by Rivet. This circular mirror features a handcrafted metal frame with gold finishing. The accompanying shelf is also made of pristine glass, adding to its beauty and elegance. Moreover, this gorgeous accent piece has a diameter of 18 inches, making it one of the best wall mirrors with shelves for any bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.

The sleek design and classic color of the Modern Round Hanging Mirror with Shelf ensure it complements all styles of décors and color palettes. It is also easy to hang and take care of. To keep the frame looking brand new, wipe away the dust with a soft microfiber cloth and protect it from moisture. It is also worth mentioning that this regal-looking wall mirror only weighs 7.68 pounds.

4. Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror with Shelf

A perfect example of sleek and stylish, the single-vanity Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror with Shelf by Creative Co-op Store is an ideal choice for those who prefer industrial designs. The durable frame is made of curved grey pipes that join at the bottom to form a horizontal shelf. It is perfect for displaying decorative accents, candles, photo frames, and holiday décor, among other items. The dark-colored frame will create a stark contrast against your walls, serving as the focal point of any room.

The Creative Co-op Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror with Shelf measures 19.63 inches x 27.5 inches. Moreover, the width of the shelf is approximately 5 inches. The clean lines and simple materials of this wall mirror celebrate industrial spaces and can fit in well with almost any type of home interior. It is also easy to install, so you won’t have to call a handyperson to hang the mirror on your wall.

5. Large Farmhouse Mirror with Reclaimed Wood Shelf

Want to introduce a rustic farmhouse element to your home décor? If so, the Large Farmhouse Mirror with Reclaimed Wood Shelf by Barnwood USA may be just what you need. The upcycled plank mirror measures 16 inches x 20 inches and comes with a wooden shelf that is perfect for displaying small potted plants and other decorative pieces. This charming accent piece goes perfectly with chic farmhouse décor, though it will also be a great addition to a contemporary or modern home.

The functional wall mirror made from salvaged barn wood can brighten up any dull corner in your house without any major renovations, brightening up the space by bouncing off the light. The rectangular mirror weighs around 10 pounds and comes with all the hardware required to mount it on the wall, saving you a trip to a nearby store.

Our Final Thoughts

Does your room feel cramped and cluttered? Adding a mirror to the wall can create an optical illusion of a larger space, making it an excellent option for smaller homes.

Interestingly, the history of mirrors dates back to around 6000 BC. Archaeologists have found polished pieces of stones and metals found in Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. Even in prehistoric times, mirrors were not only used for personal grooming but also for decoration and architecture.


So, if you are looking for creative options to freshen up your décor, you are bound to find something of your liking in our list of the best wall mirrors with shelves.