decor tricks for a tv above a fireplace ideas for how to align your television with your design

DIY Secrets for Designing a Stunning TV Above the Fireplace Look

So, you’ve decided to mount your TV above your fireplace to save space and create a sleek look in your living room. However, you quickly realize that it can be a real challenge to align your television with your design. The good news is that with a little creativity and some helpful tricks, you can not only overcome those challenges but create an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your room. In this article, we’ll share some decor tricks for a TV above a fireplace, including selecting the right design elements, creative ways to camouflage the TV, and using appropriate mounting hardware and techniques for a safe and secure installation. So, if you’re a handy person who loves fixing things and wants to make your living room more stylish, keep reading to learn some valuable tips.

The challenge of placing a TV above a fireplace and how to overcome it.

Placing a TV above a fireplace can be both aesthetically pleasing and space-saving, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some tips to help make sure your TV is securely mounted and properly aligned with your decor.

First, consider the height at which you want to mount your television. It’s important to avoid neck strain by ensuring that the center of the screen is at eye level when seated. This means measuring from floor to eye level (or average seating height) and subtracting half of the TV’s height.

decor tricks for a tv above a fireplace ideas for how to align your television with your design

Next, make sure that there is enough clearance between your fireplace mantel and bottom edge of your television so as not to damage either one from heat exposure. Ideally this should be roughly 12 inches or more depending on how high above it sits.

Thirdly, invest in a sturdy mounting bracket designed specifically for TVs placed over fireplaces; they offer adjustable angles so that you can position them just right without sacrificing any stability or integrity in either item!

Finally don’t forget about cable management! Hide cords behind walls where possible or use neat wire covers if necessary – these will ensure everything looks clean-cut while keeping safety top-of-mind too.

With these tips in mind, placing a TV over a fireplace doesn’t have to be daunting task anymore – take on this DIY project confidently knowing what steps need taken beforehand!

Selecting the right design elements to complement both the TV and the fireplace.

When it comes to designing a room with both a TV and fireplace, selecting the right design elements can make all the difference in creating a cohesive and visually appealing space. As a handyman who is skilled at fixing things, you understand that balancing form and function is key.

Firstly, consider the size of your TV in relation to your fireplace. A large TV paired with an equally large mantel can create a sense of balance. However, if your mantel is on the smaller side or non-existent altogether, consider opting for sleeker or more minimalistic designs.

Secondly, take into account color schemes and textures within the room when choosing decor pieces for above your mantle. Consider incorporating pops of color from other areas within the space through accent pieces such as throw pillows or curtains.

Lastly, don’t forget about lighting! Appropriate lighting around both your television and fireplace can help set just-the-right mood no matter what time of day it may be- whether you’re cozying up by firelight during an evening movie session or enjoying natural light streaming through windows on sunnier days!

By thoughtfully selecting design elements that complement both your television AND fireplace (and understanding how they work together) you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these two focal points into one cohesive look – leaving no detail overlooked!

Creative ways to camouflage or blend the TV into the room’s design.

As a handyman, you know the importance of making sure everything in a room is aligned with its design. That includes your television! But let’s face it, sometimes a big black box can stick out like a sore thumb. Fear not, there are creative ways to camouflage or blend your TV into the room’s design.

One option is to use artwork to disguise your TV when it’s not in use. You can hang framed art over the screen or even invest in an electronic art frame that displays different images and paintings throughout the day.



Another approach is to incorporate decorative elements around your TV such as plants, vases or other decor items that complement the colors and textures of your space. This way you’re creating visual interest while also drawing attention away from any bulky screens.

If you want something more permanent than artwork or decor items, consider building a custom-built cabinet around your TV that matches other furniture pieces in the room. This gives you ample storage for media devices while also creating an integrated look for all elements within sightlines.

Finally, if none of these options appeal to you then simply mount your television above fireplace mantel with some clever wiring hidden behind wall coverings so it appears seamless with surrounding architecture!

No matter which route you choose for camouflaging or blending our TVs into our living spaces – just remember – creativity and ingenuity go hand-in-hand when designing rooms where function meets form!

Use appropriate mounting hardware and techniques for a safe and secure installation.

When it comes to installing a television above your fireplace, using appropriate mounting hardware and techniques is crucial for ensuring a safe and secure installation. As a handyman who is good at fixing things, you know that taking shortcuts or using inadequate equipment can lead to disastrous results.

One of the most important considerations when mounting your TV above the fireplace is weight distribution. You need to ensure that both the mount and the wall can support the weight of your television without any risk of collapse or damage. This means choosing an appropriate mount with adequate load-bearing capacity, as well as ensuring that you are screwing into studs rather than just drywall.

Another key factor in achieving a safe installation is cable management. Running cables along the wall or ceiling can not only look unsightly but also pose potential tripping hazards if not properly secured. Consider investing in cable raceways or conduit systems to keep cables organized and out of harm’s way.

Finally, it’s essential to take proper precautions when drilling holes into walls for mounting hardware. Always use protective eyewear and gloves when handling power tools, such as drills or saws.

By following these guidelines for using appropriate mounting hardware and techniques during installation, you’ll be able to create a beautiful space where you can enjoy watching TV while minimizing any risks associated with improper installations!

Incorporating lighting and accessories to enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

You’ve done it, you’ve mounted your TV above the fireplace and now you’re ready to take on the next challenge: incorporating lighting and accessories to enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

First things first, consider adding some ambient lighting around your television. This not only adds a cozy feel but also helps reduce eye strain when watching TV in a dark room. Dimmable LED strip lights are an excellent option for this as they can easily be installed behind your TV or along the edges of shelves or cabinets.

Next up, accessorize! Add some decorative items such as vases, frames or sculptures that complement both your television and surrounding decor. Don’t be afraid to mix textures – juxtapose smooth surfaces with rough ones like wood or stone for added depth.

Finally, consider incorporating functional pieces into your design such as media storage units that double as decorative elements themselves. These types of pieces help keep clutter at bay while providing yet another opportunity to display personal style.

Incorporating lighting and accessories is all about balance – finding just enough without overwhelming the space visually. It’s important to remember that these additions should enhance rather than detract from what already exists in the room so don’t go overboard! With a little creativity and attention-to-detail though, there’s no doubt you’ll create a beautiful focal point out of even just one wall-mounted item like a tv above a fireplace — making it truly stand out against its surroundings while tying everything together seamlessly


Congratulations! Now your TV and fireplace are perfectly balanced, making for a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you want to make it the centerpiece of the room or have it blend in naturally with its surroundings, these decor tricks will help you achieve the design aesthetic that works best for you. So grab those tools and get started – there’s no time like the present!