designers have created a bathroom trend that makes the shower the star these 6 show you how its done

6 Stunning Shower Designs That Will Make Your Bathroom Shine

Looking to revamp your bathroom with a trendy new look? Look no further than the rising trend of making the shower the focal point of your bathroom design! With its sleek and modern appeal, the shower is quickly becoming the star of the bathroom.

Incorporating innovative shower designs is key to making your bathroom stand out, and in this article we’ll showcase six different examples of stunning shower designs that are sure to steal the spotlight. You’ll also learn about the importance of shower design in modern bathrooms and get tips for selecting the perfect shower design for your own bathroom.

Whether you’re a handy man who loves fixing things up around the house or just someone who wants to keep up with the latest trends, this article is for you. So keep reading to learn more about how you can make your bathroom shine with a stunning shower design.

designers have created a bathroom trend that makes the shower the star these 6 show you how its done

The rising trend of making the shower the focal point of the bathroom is evident.

Are you tired of your bland and uninspiring bathroom? Do you want to create a stunning focal point that will impress your guests and make every shower an indulgent experience? Look no further, because the latest trend in bathroom design is here: making the shower the star of the show.

Designers have embraced this trend with enthusiasm, creating innovative layouts and features that showcase showers in all their glory. From open-plan designs with floor-to-ceiling glass walls to luxurious rainforest showerheads that transport you to a tropical paradise, these six examples will inspire you to take your bathroom game to new heights.

First up is the minimalist approach, which relies on sleek lines and understated elegance. A frameless glass partition separates the shower from the rest of the room, while neutral tiles create a sense of calm serenity. This option works especially well for small bathrooms or those with limited natural light.

If maximalism is more your style, try incorporating bold patterns or textures into your shower area. Moroccan-style tiles add exotic flair while still maintaining functionality – after all, they’re easy to clean! And if you really want to push boundaries (and budgets), consider installing multiple showerheads for maximum indulgence.

For those who crave privacy but still desire an open feel in their space can opt for partially enclosed designs. Picture frosted-glass walls as partitions between bath zones giving it some definition without closing off too much space visually adding depth perception

And why stop at just one type of water feature when there are so many options available now? Body jets can be installed alongside traditional overhead fixtures providing therapeutic massage-like sensations as well as refreshing rinse-offs after rigorous workouts!

So whether you prefer sleek minimalism or bold maximalism; privacy or openness; single-head simplicity or multi-jet extravagance – there’s never been a better time than now  to make showers not only functional but

The importance of designing showers in modern bathrooms.

As a handy man who knows his way around fixing things, you understand the importance of good design in any space. And when it comes to modern bathrooms, designers have taken the shower to new heights by making it the star of the show.

Gone are the days where showers were simply functional spaces for getting clean. These days, they are an integral part of bathroom design and can add both style and functionality to your space.

When designing a modern bathroom with a focus on showers, there are six key elements that you need to consider: size, layout, materials, lighting, water pressure and drainage.

Firstly let’s talk about size – these days bigger is better! A spacious shower not only looks luxurious but also provides ample room for comfortable movement while washing up. When creating your dream shower think about how much space you’ll need so that every inch counts.


Next up is layout – this will depend on your personal preferences as well as practical considerations such as plumbing requirements or existing fixtures within your bathroom. From walk-in styles with no doors or curtains allowing easy access from any angle; built-in ones that make use of pre-existing walls; corner units which take advantage of otherwise unused corners- there’s boundless potential when choosing a layout!

Materials play an important role in creating an atmosphere in any room – including bathrooms! From sleek marble tiles that create a spa-like ambiance; raw concrete finishes providing industrial chicness vibes down to wood panels which add warmth & texture – choose something aesthetically pleasing while also being durable enough for daily use

Lighting sets mood & plays crucial role in highlighting architectural features within bath space like tiles or vanity area etc.; strategically placed diffused light behind mirror creates soft glow while direct overhead light ensures sufficient bright illumination necessary during morning routines

Water pressure can make or break experience so invest time researching options available before installation takes place- high-pressure systems

Six innovative shower designs that steal the show.

As a handyman who loves to fix things around the house, you know that the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to design. But with these six innovative shower designs, designers have made the shower the star of any bathroom.

First up is the open-concept shower. This design eliminates traditional barriers like curtains or doors and creates a seamless flow between your bathroom and your shower space. It’s perfect for those who love modern minimalism.

Next is the waterfall showerhead design. This luxurious style mimics standing under a natural waterfall and provides an immersive experience that helps you relax after a long day.

For those who want some privacy while they bathe, there’s also an enclosed glass cabin-style option available on our list of innovative showers. You can customize this type of enclosure with different glass finishes or even add lighting effects to create an ambiance in your space.

Another unique option is incorporating greenery into your shower area by adding plants that thrive in humid environments like ferns or spider plants which are great for purifying air too!

If you want something truly indulgent, there’s always heated flooring which can make stepping out of bed on cold mornings more bearable since it continues into your walk-in-shower giving warmth even during colder months

Finally, if you’re looking for both style and functionality from one fixture then dual-purpose showers combine features such as massage jets along with rain heads so all bases are covered.

With these six innovative designs stealing attention across bathrooms globally today -it’s time to give yours some much-needed rejuvenation!

Incorporate these shower designs into your own bathroom.

Are you tired of your boring, run-of-the-mill shower? Are you ready to take your bathroom design to the next level? Look no further than these six stunning shower designs that will transform your daily routine into a luxurious experience.

1. The Open Concept Shower: Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to open air with an open concept shower. This design uses glass walls or no walls at all, creating a spacious and airy feel in even the tiniest bathrooms.

2. The Statement Tile Shower: Make a bold statement with unique tile designs that add texture, color, and personality to your shower space. From geometric patterns to colorful mosaics, there are endless options for making this space truly one-of-a-kind.

3. The Dual Shower Heads: Double up on luxury by incorporating two separate shower heads into one sleek design. Perfect for couples or anyone who wants double the water pressure for maximum relaxation.

4. The Rainfall Shower Head: Bring nature indoors with a rainfall-style shower head that mimics the feeling of standing under cascading raindrops from above.

5. The Steam Room/Shower Combo: Turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat by combining steam room technology with traditional showers in one compact unit.

6.The Curved Glass Enclosure : For those looking for something more elegant yet simple , curved glass enclosure is perfect . It provides privacy without blocking natural light while adding an element of sophistication .

No matter which style you choose from these six options , incorporating them can turn any ordinary morning routine into something extraordinary so why not give it shot ?

Tips for selecting the perfect shower design for your bathroom.

So, you’re in the process of designing your dream bathroom and you want to make sure that your shower steals the show. Well, fear not my handy-man friend! With these tips for selecting the perfect shower design, you’ll be able to create a space that’s both functional and visually stunning.

First things first – think about what kind of shower experience you want. Do you prefer a spa-like atmosphere with multiple jets and rainfall features? Or maybe a classic look with sleek glass doors is more your style? Whatever it may be, consider how much space you have available in your bathroom as well as any existing plumbing.

Next up – think about materials. When it comes to showers, there are plenty of options out there from natural stone tiles to high-quality glass enclosures. Consider factors such as durability and ease-of-maintenance when making this decision.

Another important factor is lighting. Having proper lighting in your shower can really set the mood for relaxation or energize yourself for another day at work! Consider adding LED lights or even skylights if possible.

Finally – don’t forget about storage solutions! You’ll need somewhere to put all those shampoos and conditioners after all. Built-in shelves or niches are great options that won’t take up too much extra space while being extremely practical!

By keeping these tips in mind when selecting the perfect shower design for your bathroom renovation project- we guarantee that next time someone enters into this room they will feel like they’re walking into an oasis rather than just another boring old washroom


There you have it! Whether you’re looking for the perfect shower to center your bathroom, or some creative inspiration that fits your interior design style, these six designs should give you plenty of ideas. Now is the time to explore all the possibilities – be sure to take advantage of them and get started on transforming your bathroom today!