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DIY Change Jar

Ever since I was young, I had a change jar to put my coins in. As a kid (and, actually still as an adult) it was fun to watch the coins pile up to the top and then go to the bank and cash it all in. It occurred to me recently that although I still have jar for all my change, my husband doesn’t. I can imagine it’s not as fun to watch a pile of change on your dresser grow, as you try to keep it contained.  So for that very reason, I took a jam jar and up-cycled it to a change jar using things that I already had on hand. Check it out:



Glass jar

Paint brush

Mod podge



DIY Change Jar- Super quick and easy craft using just a few materials |


  1. Since I was using scrapbook paper, I definitely needed to cut it down to a size that was more manageable. Luckily, the design on the paper lent itself well to this task.
  2. Once I had all the pieces cut apart, I started sticking them to the jar using the paint brush and mod podge. As I was going, I made sure that I was sticking in them on in a nice pattern.
  3. Once I got all the paper pieces stuck on there, I gave it a final coat of mod podge to seal it well.

DIY Change Jar- Super quick and easy craft using just a few materials |

After it finished drying, I scooped up all the change on his dresser and plopped it in there. When he saw it, he was thrilled. He actually uses it just about daily.

On a different note, this would be a great project for someone who is just learning how to use mod podge because it’s nearly impossible to mess it up. To be honest, those types of crafts are still my favorite.

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