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DIY Eye Makeup Remover

This is probably the greatest thing I’ve discovered all week. But to be honest, I haven’t discovered much else… but I digress. This DIY eye makeup remover is so easy to make and is less expensive in the long run than store-bought makeup removers. Plus, I love the way it smells, so that’s always a plus. I got the original idea from this post, but I made some adjustments to help me take off that stubborn mascara! (Anybody else have this problem?) Anyway, let’s get to it!

DIY 3 ingredient eye makeup remover that really works! Yes, please! |

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DIY Eye Makeup Remover

You’ll need:

An empty container (I used my old makeup remover container, because I knew I was going to try this one!)

½ tsp. tear-free baby shampoo

¼ tsp. baby oil

3 ounces water

  1. Pour all ingredients into your empty container and shake well to mix. You may want to use a funnel or measuring cup with a pour spout to minimize spillage.
  2. Use it just like your regular makeup remover. Remember, the ingredients will separate so you need to shake it each time before using. Also, I have found that “swirling” the container as opposed to shaking it up and down mixes the ingredients just as well without causing the shampoo to bubble up.

DIY eye makeup remover with only 3 ingredients |

It’s that easy! And it really works. I will definitely not be buying those pricey eye makeup removers ever again. Doing it this way is so quick and simple, but the best part is that it actually works! I would love to hear what you think about this DIY eyemakeup remover, or any other DIY beauty products that you love! Tell me in the comments section!


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