dyson airwrap vs supersonic for curly hair

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic for Curly Hair: The Ultimate Comparison for Handy Pros

You love your curls, but let’s be honest – they can be a lot of work to maintain. Luckily, the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic hair tools are here to make your life easier. As someone who is handy with fixing things, you understand the importance of investing in quality tools.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to both products and provide an in-depth look at their features and specifications specifically for curly hair. We’ll compare their performance and results on curls so you can make an informed decision on which tool is best for you.

So, if you’re looking to up your curly hair game, keep reading to find out which hair tool reigns supreme in the battle of Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic.

dyson airwrap vs supersonic for curly hair

An Introduction to the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic Hair Tools.

If you’re a handy man who is good at fixing things, then you are probably familiar with the struggle of achieving perfect curls with traditional hair tools. But fear not, because Dyson has introduced two innovative products that can help make your dream curls a reality: the Airwrap and Supersonic.

The Dyson Airwrap uses advanced technology to create voluminous curls without extreme heat or excessive damage to your hair. It works by using air to wrap your hair around the barrel, creating natural-looking waves that hold their shape all day long. The Supersonic on the other hand uses powerful airflow and heat control technology for quick drying time without damaging your locks.

Both these products have been designed specifically for curly haired individuals who want salon-worthy results at home. They offer multiple attachments that allow you to customize your look depending on what type of curl or wave pattern you desire.

But which one is better suited for those blessed with curly locks? Well, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and desired outcome. If you’re looking for more volume and body in addition to defined curls then go for Airwrap as it can add texture along with style while Supersonic may be best if speed matters most during styling process- like when running late!

In conclusion, whether it’s through innovative design or cutting-edge technology advancements; Dyson continues its mission of offering unique solutions that make life easier especially when dealing with unruly hairs!

Features and specifications of the Dyson Airwrap for curly hair.

If you’re a handy man who is good at fixing things, then you know that having the right tools can make all the difference. And when it comes to styling curly hair, nothing beats the Dyson Airwrap.

This innovative tool uses powerful airflow and heat control to curl and style your hair without damaging it. It comes with multiple attachments that allow you to create a variety of styles, from loose waves to tight curls.

But what really sets the Dyson Airwrap apart from other styling tools is its intelligent design. The motor sits in the handle rather than in the head of the device, which allows for more precise control over temperature and airflow. And because there are no exposed heating elements or vents on any of its attachments, there’s less risk of accidentally burning yourself while using it.

So whether you’re looking for an easy way to achieve beautiful curls or just want a tool that can help you get ready faster in the morning, investing in a Dyson Airwrap is definitely worth considering!

Features and specifications of the Dyson Supersonic for curly hair.

If you’re a handyman who loves fixing things, you’ll definitely want to consider the Dyson Supersonic for your curly hair. This innovative product is packed with features and specifications that are specifically designed to meet the needs of those with curly locks.

First off, let’s talk about power. The Dyson Supersonic boasts a powerful digital motor that produces high-velocity airflow for fast drying and styling. This means that even if you have thick, curly hair, it can handle it easily without frying or damaging your precious strands.


Another great feature of the Dyson Supersonic is its intelligent heat control system. Unlike traditional hair dryers that can overheat and damage your hair over time, this product uses sensors to measure air temperature 20 times per second – ensuring consistent heat regulation throughout use.

But perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of this product is its range of attachments designed specifically for different types of curls. The wide-tooth comb attachment helps detangle curls while minimizing frizz; while the diffuser attachment evenly distributes air flow over large areas helping enhance natural texture in waves or ringlets without additional frizzing caused by touching them too much during drying process.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable tool to help tame unruly curls at home then look no further than Dyson supersonic!

Comparing the performance and results of both tools on curly hair.

If you’re a handy man or woman who is skilled at fixing things, then you probably understand the importance of having the right tools for any job. And when it comes to managing curly hair, two tools that have been making waves in recent years are the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic.

Both of these innovative hair styling devices promise to help users achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of their own homes. But which one is truly superior when it comes to working with curly locks?

One key difference between these two tools is how they handle heat. The Supersonic uses a powerful digital motor that delivers fast, controlled airflow without relying on extreme heat. This can be beneficial for those with delicate or damaged curls who want to avoid further damage.

On the other hand, while still using air flow technology like its counterpart this device also employs heat and other attachments such as brushes and barrels in order create various styles on all types of hair including your lovely corkscrews.

Another important factor to consider is versatility – both in terms of what each tool can do and how easy they are to use. The Airwrap offers multiple styling options thanks to interchangeable heads that allow users change up their look depending on their mood or occasion easily whereas supersonic’s attachments may not be as many but offer more targeted solutions for specific areas e.g straightening only roots etc

Ultimately, choosing between these two devices will come down personal preference based off features highlighted above . Both boast impressive performance levels when used correctly so no matter which one you choose- beautiful curls will always follow!

Conclusions and recommendations for individuals with curly hair.

In conclusion, both the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic have their pros and cons when it comes to styling curly hair. However, there are a few recommendations that can help you make the best decision based on your specific needs.

Firstly, consider your hair texture and thickness. The Dyson Airwrap is better suited for fine to medium hair while the Supersonic is great for all hair types.

Secondly, think about what kind of styles you want to achieve. The Airwrap has more versatile attachments for creating different curl patterns while the Supersonic’s diffuser attachment helps enhance natural curls.

Lastly, keep in mind your budget as these products come with a hefty price tag. If cost is not an issue and versatility is important to you then go for the Airwrap but if enhancing natural curls without breaking bank is what you’re after then opt for the Supersonic.

As a handy man who knows how important it is to invest in quality tools that get things done efficiently- remember that investing in either of these devices will be worth every penny spent as they offer innovative solutions tailored specifically towards those with curly locks!

So take some time out of your day today – do some research online or visit stores near by where said products are available- so that when it comes down making this purchase decision later on down-the-line-you’ll know exactly which device suits YOUR needs best!


In conclusion, the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic are both excellent tools for styling curly hair. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to consider your individual needs when determining which one is best for you. The Airwrap takes less time with its innovative rotating barrel design while the Supersonic offers more precise styling control with its adjustable heat settings. Ultimately, no matter which tool you choose, you can’t go wrong! So if you’re ready to take your hairstyling game up a notch— why not give either of these amazing tools from Dyson a try?