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Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Top Garden Trends of 2020 for DIY Enthusiasts

Do you consider yourself a handy person who enjoys fixing up your home and garden? Then you`ll want to stay up-to-date on the latest garden trends for 2020. From popular plant choices and arrangements to innovative design ideas and eco-friendly practices, this article has it all.

In this article, we`ll give you an introduction to the top garden trends of 2020, showcase some of the most popular plants and arrangements, explore creative and unique garden layouts, and highlight the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices.

So if you want to give your garden a fresh new look and stay ahead of the curve, keep reading!

garden trends 2020 229989

An Introduction to 2020 Garden Trends

As a handy man who takes pride in your garden, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. In 2020, there are several exciting garden trends that you can incorporate into your own outdoor oasis.

One trend that has been gaining popularity is the use of sustainable materials and practices. This means using recycled materials for landscaping and incorporating eco-friendly features like rainwater harvesting systems and compost bins.

Another trend is creating functional outdoor living spaces. This includes designing areas for relaxing, dining, and entertaining guests. Consider adding a pergola or covered patio area to provide shade during hot summer months.

Vertical gardening is also becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to maximize space in smaller yards or urban areas. Using trellises or hanging baskets can create beautiful vertical gardens while still allowing room for other plants on the ground level.

Lastly, incorporating technology into your garden can make maintenance easier than ever before. Smart irrigation systems can monitor weather patterns and adjust watering schedules accordingly while apps like Garden Answer allow you to identify plants and pests with just a quick snap of a photo.

By keeping these 2020 garden trends in mind as you plan out your own backyard paradise, you’ll be sure to impress both yourself and any guests who come over – all while staying ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging gardening practices!

Popular plant choices and arrangements for 2020

As a handy man who takes pride in creating beautiful outdoor spaces, you know that selecting the right plants and arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing way is crucial. In 2020, there are several popular plant choices and arrangements that can elevate your garden to the next level.

One trend that has gained traction this year is incorporating succulents into your garden design. These low-maintenance plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for adding texture and interest to any space. Additionally, they require minimal watering which makes them ideal for those living in dry climates or with busy schedules.

Another popular choice this year is incorporating native plants into your garden design. By choosing local species instead of exotic ones, you not only support biodiversity but also create a more sustainable ecosystem within your own backyard. Native plants also tend to be easier to care for as they are already adapted to local conditions.

When it comes to arranging these plants within your garden space, consider creating different levels using raised beds or terracing techniques. This adds dimensionality and visual interest while also allowing each plant enough room to thrive without competing for resources.

Incorporating natural elements like rocks or water features can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden while providing functional benefits such as erosion control or attracting wildlife.

By staying up-to-date on current trends like succulents and native planting techniques while utilizing creative arrangements like multi-level designs with natural elements incorporated throughout; you’ll be sure create an inviting outdoor oasis perfect for relaxing after all those household repairs!

Innovative garden designs and layouts ideas

Looking to spruce up your garden with some innovative design and layout ideas? As a handy man who is good at fixing things, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your outdoor space. Here are some unique and unlikely ideas that will take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Vertical Gardens: If you have limited space, consider adding a vertical garden to your backyard or balcony. These gardens are perfect for growing herbs, flowers or small vegetables in a compact area.

2. Water Features: Add an element of tranquility by incorporating water features into your garden design. This could be something as simple as a bird bath or fountain, or more elaborate like a pond with fish.

3. Edible Landscaping: Why not make use of every inch of available soil in your yard by planting fruits and vegetables alongside traditional landscaping elements? Not only does this provide fresh produce for the family table but it adds another dimension of interest visually.

4. Garden Art Installations: From sculptures made from recycled materials to colorful mosaics placed strategically throughout the landscape—garden art installations add personality and flair while serving as conversation starters when friends gather over dinner parties out back!

5.Themed Gardens- Whether it’s an English Cottage Garden bursting with blooms ,a Japanese Zen retreat complete with sand raked just so around stones ,or even whimsical fairy gardens tucked away amongst bright flowers-these themed spaces allow homeowners can create their own little world within their own backyard!

With these innovative gardening trends 2020 suggestions added into any existing outdoor plans-you’ll have no problem creating beautiful landscapes that leave visitors awestruck!

Eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices in 2020.

As a handy man who is good at fixing things, you know the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness. This mindset can also be applied to your gardening practices in 2020.

One of the first steps towards sustainable gardening is choosing plants that are native to your area. These plants are naturally adapted to local conditions and require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides than non-native species.

In addition, consider using organic fertilizers instead of synthetic ones. Organic fertilizers provide nutrients slowly over time and improve soil health without harmful chemicals.

Another crucial aspect of sustainable gardening is water conservation. You can achieve this by installing rain barrels or a drip irrigation system that targets plant roots directly instead of spraying water over large areas unnecessarily.

Finally, composting is an excellent way to reduce waste while providing natural fertilizer for your garden. By turning yard clippings and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil amendments, you’ll be reducing landfill waste while also improving the health of your garden.

Overall, implementing eco-friendly practices in your garden not only benefits the environment but also helps create a healthier ecosystem for all living beings involved – including yourself as a gardener!

Conclusions and future garden trends to watch for

As a handy person who enjoys fixing things around your garden, you may be interested in the latest trends in gardening. From sustainable practices to incorporating technology, there are many exciting developments to keep an eye on.

One trend that is gaining popularity is vertical gardening. This involves growing plants on walls or trellises, which can provide additional space for planting and add visual interest to your garden. It’s also a great way to grow herbs and vegetables in small spaces.

Another trend is the use of smart technology in gardening. With sensors and apps, you can monitor soil moisture levels and adjust watering schedules accordingly. You can also control lighting and temperature settings for indoor gardens using smart devices.

Sustainability continues to be an important focus for gardeners as well. Composting, rainwater harvesting, and using organic fertilizers are all ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment while still enjoying beautiful gardens.

Looking ahead into the future of gardening trends, we may see even more innovative solutions emerge such as robotic lawn mowers or biodegradable planters made from recycled materials.

No matter what new developments come along though, one thing remains constant – there’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors surrounded by nature’s beauty!


Whether you’re looking to make a few small changes or completely overhaul your garden this year, 2020 is the perfect time to try out some of these trends. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to get creative! If all else fails, remember that there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple – sometimes less is more! Be sure to check in frequently as we explore future garden trends so you can stay informed and ahead of the curve.