hair clips for thick hair

Get a Grip: How to Choose Hair Clips That Actually Hold Your Thick Hair

Are you tired of struggling to keep your thick hair under control? It can be frustrating when hair clips slip out or fail to hold all of your locks in place. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll help you understand the challenges of thick hair and guide you through choosing the right hair clip for your specific needs. We’ll also cover the different types of hair clips that work best for thick hair, provide tips on how to use them properly, and offer advice for maintaining your luscious locks. So grab your hair clips and let’s dive in! Continue reading to learn more.

Understanding thick hair and its challenges.

As a handy man who is good at fixing things, you may have encountered clients with thick hair that just won’t stay put. Understanding the challenges of working with thick hair is crucial to finding the right solution, such as using specialized hair clips designed for this unique type of hair.

Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse – it looks voluminous and luxurious, but can also be difficult to style and manage. One challenge that many people with thick hair face is finding accessories that actually work for them. Traditional bobby pins or small clips often slip out or break under the weight of thicker strands.

hair clips for thick hair

That’s where specialized clips come in – they are designed specifically for thicker strands and offer more grip than traditional options. Look for clips made from durable materials like metal or high-quality plastic, as these will hold up better over time.

Another important factor to consider when working with thick hair is how much tension you apply when styling it. Too much pulling or tugging can cause damage over time, leading to split ends and breakage. Be gentle when handling your client’s locks, using wide-tooth combs instead of brushes whenever possible.

By understanding these challenges and utilizing specialized tools like sturdy clips made specifically for thicker strands of human hairs along side being gentle while applying mild pressure; you’ll be able to tackle even the thickest heads of beautiful locks!

The importance of choosing the right hair clip for thick hair is paramount.

As someone who takes pride in fixing things, you understand the importance of having the right tool for the job. When it comes to styling your thick hair, choosing the right hair clip is just as important as having a good set of pliers or a reliable wrench.

Thick hair can be difficult to manage and style without causing damage or breakage. That’s why it’s essential to choose a hair clip that is specifically designed for thicker locks. Look for clips with wider teeth or claws that can grip more strands securely without slipping.

Another important factor when choosing a hair clip for thick hair is durability. Cheap, flimsy clips will not only fail to hold your locks in place but may also break easily under pressure. Invest in high-quality metal clips with sturdy hinges and springs that won’t give out after just one use.

Finally, consider the aesthetic appeal of your chosen clip. While functionality should always come first, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look good while getting things done! Choose from an array of stylish designs and colors that suit your personal taste and complement any outfit.

In conclusion, finding the right tool for styling thick tresses requires careful consideration of both form and function. By investing in durable yet fashionable options like wide-toothed metal clips, you’ll be on your way to achieving perfect hairstyles every time – all while keeping those luscious locks healthy and strong!

Different types of hair clips are suitable for thick hair.

As someone with thick hair, finding the right hair clip can be a struggle. But fear not, there are several types of clips that are perfect for those with voluminous locks.

First up is the alligator clip. This sturdy clip has teeth that grip onto your hair and hold it in place all day long. Plus, its large size means it can handle even the thickest of strands.

Another great option is the jaw clamp. These clips have a spring-loaded mechanism that holds your hair in place without slipping or sliding throughout the day. They come in various sizes to accommodate different amounts of hair.


If you’re looking for something more decorative but still functional, try out some claw clips or barrettes. These accessories come in a variety of designs and materials so you can find one to match any outfit while still keeping your unruly mane under control.

Finally, don’t overlook good old-fashioned bobby pins! While they may seem small and unassuming, these little wonders can work wonders on thick tresses when used strategically to pin up sections or secure flyaways.

With these options at your disposal, tackling thick locks has never been easier! So next time you need to keep your mane contained and stylish simultaneously turn towards one fo these options depending on what suits best for you .

How to properly use hair clips for thick hair?

As someone with thick hair, you know the struggle of finding hair clips that actually stay in place. But fear not, because there are ways to properly use hair clips for thick locks.

Firstly, make sure you’re using strong and sturdy hair clips that can hold the weight of your mane. Look for ones that have a tight grip and a durable construction.

Secondly, section your hair before placing the clip. This not only makes it easier to handle your tresses but also ensures a secure hold. Divide your strands into smaller sections and then use the clip to secure them in place.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to double up on clips if necessary. For particularly heavy or unruly areas of your head, consider using two or more clips for added support.

Lastly, experiment with different hairstyles that incorporate multiple clips instead of relying on just one or two big ones. This distributes the weight more evenly across your scalp and reduces any strain on individual strands.

By utilizing these techniques when using hair clips for thick locks, you’ll find yourself achieving effortless styles without worrying about slippage or discomfort throughout the day!

Tips for maintaining and styling thick hair with hair clips.

If you have thick hair, you know that styling it can be a challenge. But fear not, because with the right hair clips and techniques, you can achieve beautiful hairstyles without spending hours in front of the mirror.

First off, choose hair clips that are specifically designed for thick hair. Look for clips with strong springs and sturdy teeth to hold your locks in place. Avoid using flimsy or small-sized clips as they may not be able to handle the weight of your tresses.

When it comes to styling your hair with these clips, start by sectioning off your mane into manageable portions. Use larger sections if you want loose curls or waves and smaller ones if you’re going for a more defined look.

To create voluminous curls using hair clips on thick tresses: gather a section of dampened strands at one end near scalp level; twist them around tightly until knotted; then secure both ends together using clip over top so volume is created when drying overnight – release once dried fully!

For creating chic updos such as messy buns or braided styles: use multiple large sized claw-clips along lengths instead of just one per area – this will keep style intact all day long without slipping out from place due its firm grip capability!

Finally don’t forget care maintenance after each use by cleaning thoroughly between gaps where dirt accumulates easily overtime leading towards product longevity while keeping hygiene standards high too!


We hope that this article has provided you with the insight to find and select the best hair clip for thick hair. You can now feel confident in knowing what type of clip is appropriate, how to use it properly and how to maintain your look. So grab those clips, style away and master the art of creating beautiful hairstyles with thick hair!