Hamilton Beach 63325 6 Speed Stand Mixer Review

In this article, the Hamilton Beach 63325 6 speed stand mixer is in the spotlight. We have previously reviewed other mixers from different mixer brands. One of those other brands is KitchenAid, which you can read an article about here. We will take a close look at what the Hamiltion Beach mixer can do. In addition, we will also take a brief look at alternative stand mixers.

Why would you want to buy a stand mixer in the first place?

The mixer is perhaps the most useful piece of culinary equipment you can own. There are so many different kinds of food recipes you could try out and make with your mixer. In addition using a stand mixer prevents you from doing boring and repetitive tasks over and over again. Let the stand mixer do all the work!

Stand mixer recipes

If you are new to stand mixers and do not know any recipes then you might want to try out this cookbook. It features over 300 recipes and the recipes are easily recreated thanks to the 175 step by step photos, which will guide you through the process.

Hamilton Beach 63325 6 speed stand mixer

The Hamilton Beach speed stand mixer was made to save you time and energy. It can handle tough mixing and you do not have to do anything with this hands-free mixing machine.

Bowl size and materials

The Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixer uses a 3.5 quart bowl size. The bowl itself is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher save, therefore it is easy to clean. The 3.5 quart bowl is big enough to make average sized batches for any meal.

Hamilton Beach 63325 6 Speed Stand Mixer Review

Mixing action details

The stand mixer uses a powerful 300 watt motor that does the everyday mixing for you. There also is a planetary mixing action feature. This feature gives the mixing spinning head complete bowl coverage as it continuously rotates inside the bowl. Therefore, it will scrape every ingredient from the side of the bowl and uses all of the batch to make whatever it is that you are making.

The hands-free mixer has 6 different speed option to ensure the batch is made exactly as you like it. The Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixers is a bit different than the Hamiltion Beach 6-speed classic stand mixer as that one uses a 4 quart bowl size and has a 290 watts motor. In addition it has different Hamilton Beach stand mixer attachments than the one we are reviewing now.

Hamilton Beach stand mixer attachments

There are a total of 3 attachments that are included in the price. These 3 attachments offer mixing versatility to blend, beat, whip, mix and cream the prefect batch. The free attachments are: flat beater, whisk and dough hook.

The dough hook is used for kneading dough for bread, pizza, cinnamon rolls etc.

The whisk is used to whip liquids such as egg whites or cream.

Finally, the flat beater is great for mixing cakes, cookie dough, fudge or potatoes.

Other must know features of the Hamiltion Beach 63325 6-speed stand mixer

There are another 3 must know features. The first feature is the special fold setting. The fold setting is great for more added control. With the fold setting, you can slowly add ingredients to the bowl, by controlling the fold on and off button.

The second feature is the tilt feature of the HB stand mixer. The tilt feature makes for easy access to add more ingredients to the 3.5 quart bowl.

The third feature is the anti-sleep feet. The nonslip feet keep the mixer in one place while it is being used. Therefore, it will not move from its place when you are mixing a new batch.

Technical information

The dimensions of the product are: 14 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches
The weight of the item is: 11.1 pounds

The pros and cons of the Hamiltion Beach 63325 6-speed stand mixer

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages compared to other products. In this section, the pros and cons of the HB stand mixer will be discussed.


  • The mixer is very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel.
  • Great gift option as it is a cheap but quality stand mixer.
  • The mixer itself is light, therefore it can be easily moved around the kitchen.
  • 3 free attachments included in the price


  • Sometimes you have to use a spoon or a similar tool to make sure that every ingredient on the side of the bowl is being used as it sometimes cannot get all of the ingredients automatically while mixing.
  • It is great for light baking, but the machine can struggle while using many thick ingredients at once.

Alternative stand mixer options

If you are in need of a stand mixer that has a better motor and bigger quart bowl then this KitchenAid mixer is a great option. It uses a lift design, has a 6 quart bowl and has many different attachments available. However, the price of the lift stand mixer is a lot higher than the HB stand mixer.

Another great stand mixer from the Hamilton Beach brand is the Hamilton Beach 63220 12 speed stand mixer. It has a 400 watt motor, 4.5 quart bowl and 12 different speed options! This machine will be able to mix through even the thickest of ingredients. As with the previous mixer, the price tag attached to the 12 speed mixer is higher than the 6 speed stand mixer from Hamilton beach.


After reading this Hamilton Beach stand mixer reviews, we hope that you have a better understanding of if the Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixer is the right fit for your family. The stand mixer is a cheap but quality stand mixer. The Hamilton Beach 63325 6 speed stand mixer is a great addition to any kitchen.