How Much Does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Want to boost the appearance of your kitchen? Painting your kitchen cabinets can do the trick for you! Painting your cabinets a color that matches the theme you have chosen for your kitchen can drastically improve the appearance of your kitchen. In some cases, repainting or re-finishing kitchen cabinets can have a similar effect as replacing your kitchen cabinetry entirely.

So, how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets? Well, there are various factors you should consider. These can include calculating the total cost of the project and what challenges you might face along the way. You will have to decide if you want to hire a professional painting company to do the job or if you want to D.I.Y repaint your kitchen cabinets. You will be deciding what quality paint to use and what colors can uplift the mood of your entire kitchen.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Let’s consider the various costs involved with repainting kitchen cabinets. As applicable to all home improvement projects, the cost will depend on factors such as the size of your kitchen, what type of paint material you are using and whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring contractors to do it for you. You can expect to pay $900 to $2100 on the low end for the entire job or between $3500-4000 on the high end.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Several steps influence the question – how much does it cost to repaint kitchen cabinets. On average, in the U.S., stripping, sanding, and painting the cabinets can cost between $5 and $10 per square foot. Before this step, any applicable putty costs can start from $2 to 3 per square foot depending on the conditions of the cabinets or and extent of the damage. Lastly, glazing the cabinets can cost between $10 and $25 per square foot.

When repainting kitchen cabinets, you will probably have to choose between spray paint or roll paint. Spray painting your cabinets can cost approximately $40 per linear foot for the upper cabinets and $80 per linear foot for the lower cabinets. Spray painting removes any excess texture on the cabinets and produces a smooth factory finish. It prevents drips, and the paint can easily cover any narrow crevices, detailed woodwork, and complicated textures. It is quicker to do but can require additional preparation work. Rolling paint usually provides a thicker coat of paint and is mostly used to cover up an existing darker color underneath.

Apart from technique, the overall cost of Repainting your cabinets will also depend on the type of paint used, the type of primer used, the cost of necessary supplies to get the work done, and labor costs.

Another question for homeowners to consider is whether they simply want to repaint their kitchen cabinets or replace them. Both repainting and refacing are cost-effective options and can upgrade the entire look of your kitchen. If your cabinets are in good condition, repainting is a better idea. But over the years, cabinets are susceptible to wear and tear. If you notice the wood is starting to warp or mold or the doors are not opening or closing easily, replacing the cabinets is a better option.

What Challenges Can You Face in Painting Cabinets?

The process of repainting your kitchen can involve many challenges.

You will have to start by dismantling the room by removing doors, handles, and hinges to get access to the complete surface area.  This will include reconstructing the entire room and then reconstructing it.

You will have to remove all accessories, appliances, and food items from your kitchen. This is necessary so that no extra paint gets in areas where it is not supposed to be, such as the sink, stove, or fridge. When you remove the cabinets and doors, you will need space where you can separately paint them and let them dry.

If the job is getting done in your house, you will need to find a scarcely used area where this can be done, such as a garage or basement. If the painters are taking the cabinets to their workshop, this will probably add to the time duration and cost of the project.

D.I.Y Painting of Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few pros and cons when it comes to D.I.Y painting your cabinets.

The pros are that you are in complete control of the projects, including what paint to use and how you want to use it. It also costs less than hiring professional painters.

The cons can be that you will probably end up spending more time on the project if you do not do it correctly the first time. Unless you do not have a background in painting, you will probably not be able to do a quality job, and imperfections may be visible. You will also have to go through the hassle of purchasing your own materials that can probably add to your costs.


You will have to decide if you are buying the right type of paint, considering the brand, type, quality, and sheen.

You will have to remove accessories and clean the cabinet surface you will be painting beforehand without any professional help. As a beginner, you will naturally be stressed and anxious about doing the job right. As your family will be present at home too, you will have to consider adjusting your personal life while the repainting process is being completed.

Our Final Thoughts

A D.I.Y job can seem inexpensive when contemplating how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

But before making the decision to do so, do thorough research and consider all options. Perhaps getting the job done by professionals can uplift the value of your kitchen more than doing it yourself.

Or perhaps you yourself end up doing such a good job that there is no need to spend extra to hire a painting company. There is no right or wrong decision; what fits your needs and budget is the right choice for you!