How to Change Garage Door Codes

We all must have had that moment where we left our homes unsure of closing the garage door behind. Or assuming the safety of our homes is being compromised because someone might know our garage door code. There is no denying that automatic garage doors provide us with the comfort of not closing the garage doors manually after returning from a tiring day.

However, they usually come with a remote control connected to a keypad through a code used to open and shut the entryway. While you enjoy the comfort of not having to leave your car seats or manually do the deed, you do have to make sure your code is safe and secure with you alone. In case your remote is stolen, or you doubt an outsider might be in on your code, it is time you change it.

How to Change a Garage Door Code

That’s why we have listed down a 6-step easy process that should help you change your garage door code as swiftly and easily as possible.

How to Change Garage Door Codes

Step # 1: Check the Batteries

Most of the newest upgraded automatic garage door openers versions come in a two-piece set beside the usual motor. They provide you with a keypad that should be placed on the inner wall of your garage door. In addition to it, they carry a remote control that stays with the user. Both of these pieces require batteries to function optimally. Therefore, the first and foremost step you need to do is check if your batteries aren’t dead.

If so, you need to replace the batteries with fresh ones and put a date on them. This should allow you to remember when to change the batteries next time. Now that you have checked your batteries and possibly replaced them with new ones, make sure both the keypad and the remote are working. Only now should you proceed.

Step # 2: Wiping the Memory of the Keypad

Now you would approach your keypad and input your existing code and check your access to the door. Reassurance is important because you would need to know your previous or existing code to put in the new code. Hence, get to the menu where you can find a setting to wipe out the memory of your keypad and remove the existing code upon entering.

Step # 3: Access The Garage Door’s Motor

Now you have to turn your attention towards the garage door’s motor. People usually have these mounted high up on the ceiling to avoid any rainwater or bad weather condition mess it up. Hence, you would probably require a ladder to climb directly underneath and reach it easily.

Step # 4: Reset The Garage Door’s Motor

Next, as you are directly below the motor, try to align your vision with its front. This should allow you to locate a dedicated “Reset Button” on the face of the motor directly where the control panel is located. It is important to note here that pressing it just once is probably not enough.

Therefore, to know when you have accomplished your objective, keep your eye on the light beside it. You need to keep pressing the button until the light beside it turns off. As it does, you can be assured that the memory of your garage door’s opener has been wiped clean.

Step # 5: In Put the New Code

Now you need to step down the ladder and make your way to the keypad again. Upon accessing the keypad, you should make your way to the menu and settings and enter the new code.

Step # 6: Reprogram Your Remote

Next, it is the turn of your remote. Pressing the unlock button on your remote should allow you to see how it is connected with the motor you have reset. Holding the button down would make the light on the motor start to blink. This is a clear indication that you have successfully reprogrammed the new code on your motor as well as the remote.

Now you can make sure it works seamlessly. Moreover, there are generally more than one remotes in the case of a family home and multiple vehicles. Therefore, all of those remotes would separately need to be reprogrammed in the same manner.

When Do I Need To Change My Garage Code?

Following are some of the reasons why you should definitely change your garage door code.

  • It has been a long time since you last change your garage door code.
  • You recently had people come over for maintenance work at your home.
  • You just moved to a new place.
  • Your garage door openerremote was stolen.
  • You want to control and limit the access of the garage door.
  • You suspect someone might have information or trying to hack your garage door.

NOTE: In case of serious suspicion, it is better to inform the authorities than take matters into your own hands.

Our Final Thoughts


Overall, changing the garage door code is not a time-consuming or tiring process. It is relatively easy and seamless, given you have access and awareness of how to do it. Moreover, we recommend not to let your garage door locks sit idle for long. Make it a habit to regularly change your garage door codes and inform your family members in advance.

Remember, it’s better to stay safe than sorry!