How to Clean Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a must if you are planning to have parties or just want to just lay back and relax during the day. However, it is susceptible to getting dirty as it collects more dust particles than your furniture indoors.

Pollen, dander, dust and harsh weather conditions can all affect the life and look of your patio furniture. That is why it is important to have a good idea about how to clean patio furniture in the best manner to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Let’s consider some of the things you can do to clean your patio furniture without breaking your back.

What You Will Need to Clean Patio Furniture

The cleaning tools you will need depend on the kind of furniture you have. For instance, rattan furniture is different from wicker or iron-made furniture and your cleaning supplies can differ.

Some people use just a buck of warm water and soap for the job, while others have used household items like white vinegar or ammonia cleaner for the job. While you can get a thorough cleaning with household items, we recommend using commercial grade cleaners for the best results.

Here is a list of patio furniture cleaning items that you can buy online.

Groove Gap Cleaner

Outdoor Cleaner

Multipurpose Cleaner

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

 Bucket for Warm Water

Step By Step Guide for Cleaning Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture is quite beautiful and popular with homeowners. The natural look and luster of teak makes it stand out. It can also withstand outdoors without eroding, which makes it suitable for patio furniture.

You should use warm water and a gentle soap to clean teak furniture. You may also want to put up a tarp over the patio to keep the furniture free from debris.

Start by wearing protective gloves to keep your hands clean. Fill up a bucket with warm water and pour around 20 to 30 ml of cleaning liquid into the water. Mix the liquid with a wooden spoon or cleaning brush.

Soak the brush into the mixture and then gently scrub the furniture. Make sure not to brush too hard against the furniture. Gently rub around the grooves and inside the gaps as a lot of dust accumulates in these places.

Keep brushing in circular motion until all the furniture equipment has been scrubbed. You will need to keep dipping the brush into the water bucket to get more soap. Change the bucket water if it becomes too dirty during the cleaning process.

Get a hose and wash the soap away with a soft jet of water. You can remove any excess water on the furniture with a soft, microfiber cloth. Leave the furniture to dry out.

Step by Step Guide For Cleaning Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker is also great for making outdoor furniture. Not only is this wood versatile and stylish, but wicker is also quite durable and easy to clean. It has been used for making furniture for centuries and people still love it.

An interlocked weaving technique is used to make wicker furniture that makes it quite strong. It also does not require a lot of cleaning and care. But when you do need to clean your patio furniture here is how to do it.

Start by removing any fabrics and cushions from the furniture. Use a vacuum to get as much debris as possible out of the furniture. You should also use a low pressure vacuum pipe every couple of weeks to clean your patio furniture to prevent large buildup of dust.

Fill up a bucket with warm water and add 2 to 3 spoons of gentle cleaning liquid. Mix the cleaning liquid with water. Dip your brush into the bucket and start rubbing it over the weave of interlocks on the furniture.

This will help loosen dirt and pollen particles stuck in the furniture. Make sure to rub and clean the patio furniture from the top and then tip it over to clean from the bottom side as well. Alternate your strokes up and down, left and right to clean the dust stuck in the weave from all sides.

Keep working on it gently until the entire piece of the furniture has been scrubbed thoroughly and then move on to the next piece. You can change the water in the bucket if it becomes too dirty.

Once the entire furniture set has been scrubbed, use a hose to wash away the soapy water. Rinse with a towel or micro fiber cloth and leave it out to dry.

Step for Cleaning Metal Patio Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is made from a lightweight iron that is easy to lift and move around. Some consumers just don’t trust wood and opt to go for patio furniture made with iron-cast legs and arms.

In order to maintain the looks of your metal furniture, you still need to clean it regularly. Move the furniture away from dirt, plants and grass and put it on a solid part of the patio. Remove the cushions. You will need to wash them separately.

Get a bucket of warm water and pour a couple of scoops of commercial cleaner into the water. Dip the brush into the water and thoroughly rub it over the metal frame of the furniture to clean it.

Metal furniture is usually easier to clean as there are no hard to reach areas. You also don’t have to worry about damaging the furniture with your brush.

However, one problem with metal furniture is that it can rust over time when exposed to water. So make sure to clean it thoroughly with a towel after you are done cleaning.

Our Final Thoughts

In this blog, we provided short guides on how to clean patio furniture for different types of common furniture. It is advised to clean your patio furniture regularly, to prevent too much debris and dust building up.