How to Create a Gallery Wall by Hanging Pictures in a Stairway

It’s no secret that gallery walls are an easy and creative way to achieve statement décor. Not only are they great to add a statement to otherwise barren walls, but they give personality to your overall living space. From adding unique prints to bedrooms, styling office workspace, or sprucing up a hallway, a gallery wall can be set up in any corner of your home.

However, today we will be focusing on hanging pictures and frames along a stairway. After all, if you think about it, walls along stairways are blank and carry no use outside of it. Moreover, staircases are often narrow, angular, and dark. But this shouldn’t mean that space goes neglected in your home.

While creating a gallery wall along a stairway is tricky, no need to be discouraged. It is easier than you think because we have got you covered. So get up and get going with your drill, nail, and hammer because your stairway is about to get lit!

Pick a Theme

A physical gallery wall is much like your virtual photo gallery on Instagram or Pinterest. Just as these profiles follow a theme around your interests or lifestyle, so should your gallery wall. Therefore, it is the best way to move forward that you pick a theme beforehand. It can be according to the décor you want to go for or simply with the size of the frames. Nevertheless, the whole idea is to make the space look coordinated and organized.

Design a Layout

Whether you are doing landscapes or portraits or a mix of both, it is important to design your layout. You can use online tools or just draw freehand on a piece of paper to deliberate. Whether you want an angular look along the stairway or the contrast of the frame to go straight ahead, it is your choice. But the layout should have you decide on the sizes you would require and map out each picture frame to be hand appropriately.

Get Creative

You don’t need to take a conventional route when picking a theme or designing your layout. After all, it is your gallery wall, so you can run wild with your imagination. Especially when it comes to stairways, a little outside-of-the-box idea would also work, given how the stairway is shaped. The key is not to overdo it, which is why people stick with conventional ideas. However, if you are confident in your contemporary approach, then go for it.

Big and Beautiful

It is important to remember that multiple pictures for a gallery wall are great, but you can go for a solid big, and beautiful one too. Whether it is a canvas for your own painting, a studio family portrait, or just a scenic view to add dimension, a big picture will surely the right attention. Not to mention that it removes the chances of overdoing it because a single frame takes up the space ad brightens it up without too much conjunction of frames put all together looking cluttered and disorganized.

Monochrome It

Not sure if you can coordinate colors or choose the right pictures to add? Monochrome is the best way to make your stairway look modern and thoughtfully put together without much effort. All you will have to do is to pick the right backdrop that coordinates with your stairway. For instance, for a wooden staircase, go for a terracotta or warm tone wallpaper. Such colors would match the undertones of the whole stairway while making your monochrome frames stand out.

Level It Up

One of the main things you have to make sure of while creating a gallery wall along the stairway is that all your frames are leveled against the wall. If your frames would be thicker and stick out, then there is a high chance that someone would bump into them and knock all of them over. Not to mention the accident may hurt the said person. Therefore, you have to make sure you measure your staircase and check how much space it allows to walk with a certain level of thickness of the frames and put them up accordingly.

Make It Appealing

The whole purpose of your gallery wall along the stairway is defeated if one needs to get close to the pictures to see them. Therefore, for a visually appealing look, make sure you mark the perfect size that is moderate and unwieldy. Furthermore, hang your pictures parallel to the ground up no matter what your layout is. This should allow maximum visibility from the entryway. We suggest a 3 to 5 picture design for the best space to visibility ratio, but you can always go higher for an expansive area along your stairway.

Our Final Thoughts

Creating a gallery wall along the staircase makes up for one the most basic yet best interior design attributes one can do themselves. All it takes is the right choice of pictures and a sprinkle of creative thinking to make it work. Hopefully, our tips and tricks on how to hang pictures on the stairway help you creating the gallery wall of your dreams. Cheers!