How to Decorate a Hallway

Just because a hall isn’t a room in the traditional sense of indoor architecture doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Hallways and corridors are probably the very first thing people notice as they enter a home as it connects the main entrance to the main hall. Hence they should be nothing short of splendor of every little thing that describes the personality of the house and sets the vibe for what is to come.

Learn How to Decorate a Hallway

Therefore, here we are sharing some of our favorite hallway decorating ideas with you to help you learn how to decorate hallways compellingly.

1. Bold and Beautiful

If you love bold patterns and designs and don’t shy away from expressing themselves through their belongings, this idea is for you. Whether you have a narrow or a wide hallway, you can use compelling designs that stand out. The idea is to find the perfect balance of bold and beautiful without being over-dramatic. You can achieve this look by choosing boldly patterned wallpaper as a backdrop and minimalistically decorating the walls with frames and ornaments.

How to Decorate a Hallway

2. Bespoke Runners

We feel hallways are empty – almost lifeless, without coordinating runners. That’s why our next idea to compellingly decorate your hallway is to place a beautifully fitting runner on the floor. Make sure it isn’t ill-fitting or fully covering the floor. Instead, size it according to the width and let it cover the entire length of the hallway. From bohemian printed runners to hand-woven, artisanal pieces, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to picking the design you want to go for. However, it is best to choose that coordinates with your wallpaper and the overall tone of the house.

3. Wooden Fittings

This one works great, especially for enclosed spaces like narrow apartment hallways. You can simply purchase wooden shelves, hangings, frames, and ledges to complete plain walls. Add more personality by placing memorable ornaments and meaningful moments on the ledge. You can even frame your favorite quotes or prints to hang on the wall and add more depth to space. However, use plain wallpaper as a backdrop because it would be overdoing it with a colorful design pattern otherwise. Moreover, it would make space appear even smaller than it is.

4. Cozy Benches

If you have a wide hallway that leads to the main hall, there is no point in adding a whole seating arrangement there. However, to fill in a rather awkward space, you can add cozy benches along the wall. Purchase a lightweight, foldable bench, place it along the greater length of the wall, and use cushions and throws to make it look cozier. Not only does it look way more welcoming and homely, but it has comfort written all over it! Your guests would be delighted to find a comforting ambiance entering your home.

5. Floral Décor-al

The best way to integrate your favorite shades without making them look too much is to add floral elements along the hallway. From small, dainty floral print wallpaper to adding prints and accessories, there are amazing ways to add more color and character to your corridor. However, it is important to note that there is a high chance of over-doing it, given the choice of wallpaper. But if you have a keen eye for spotting negative spaces, you are good to go.

6. Bigger Than Area Vases

There is nothing more bold, modern, and yet chic than huge vases. Plus, there is no shortage of ways of how you can place them. You place two on either side at the entrance or one at a lonesome corner with a baby-breath sticking out. A brightly colored vase that stands 4ft tall at least will brighten up anybody’s day. However, just make sure not to pace it at an awkward angle or forcefully just for the sake of it. Look out if there is an actual space for it and make it stand beside a wall no matter what. Placing vases in the middle of the hallway obstructs the passage and looks just as bad.

7. Spruce Up With Plants

Nothing brightens up a lifeless, dull space more than a nice, green plant. Whether you want a low-maintenance cactus or you can go for a complete faker, it is your choice. However, if you really have a knack for plants, get a real one because nothing looks better than the real deal. Moreover, you can even choose to place smaller, baby plants along with a wooden ledge or medium-sized pots beside a bench. The possibilities are endless with this one, for sure.

8. Mirror, Mirror!

Want your hallway to look more spacious but without having to put in too much effort? Don’t worry. Just get the entire length of your wall mirrored. Not only does it gives a multidimensional look, but it also brightens up the area. You can even integrate a different shape for a more chic look by going for a big round, elongated mirror across the wall. However, remember not to overdo it by mirroring both the walls. Keep one of them simple and decorate the other for added effect.

Our Final Thoughts

Interior decoration ideas for hallways are infinite if you have the right creative headspace for them. Hopefully, our top picks would help you find the right way to spruce up and brighten our hallway area in your home.