How to Get Rid of Spiders in a Basement

If you step into your basement only to find a spider party (read: infestation) going on – it is okay to freak out. Spiders are often seen as noble creatures in the world of crawling insects because of their importance to the environment. Still, no one would appreciate seeing a bunch of fattening spiders indoors. As if basements aren’t spooky enough, a spider infestation can only add to the ‘danger’ if you have any personal belongings stored in there.

While it may be hard to get rid of spiders, given that they are practically everywhere (except Antarctica) and can even survive in space, we have gathered some pretty effective tips for you on how to get rid of spiders in basement.

We recommend using a combination of two or three of these simultaneously for maximum effect.

What You Will Need

Listed below are some extremely useful items you will need to fight the army of spiders in your basement.

Caulk-based wood filler

Spider Trap

Spider repellant spray

Diatomaceous Earth

Peppermint Oil

How to Get Rid of Spiders in a Basement in 8 Steps

Tip 1: Leave no entry spot – seal them all!

The first step to getting rid of spiders in your basement is to stop the entry of any new ones into your house. The best way to ensure that is by sealing any openings and cracks in your doors, windows, and other places. Use a caulk-based wood filler to fill in large spaces of closed doors and windows. Also, apply it on wires, faucets, and cables as they run to the outside.

Tip 2: Cliched but effective – use a spider repellant spray.

Basements can be ideal places for spiders to thrive in because they love living in dark places where they can hunt other bugs to survive. Using a repellant spray is a great way to get rid of a spider infestation in your basement. While getting rid of spiders in your basement may not always equate to killing them, unfortunately, this is one of the few effective options you have if there are too many spiders to deal with.

Tip 3: Vacuum and Sweep – spider-cleaning mission

While keeping your basement neat and clean is an excellent way of avoiding spider’s stay in the first place, you can also use this tip to wipe off any spider webs and egg sacs to discourage spiders from making any new ones. There is also a chance of not killing the spiders in this way; if they survive the vacuum sac, you can always empty it outside of your house.

Tip 4: Plant spider traps in your basement

Glue traps work great against ground-dwelling spiders, such as jumping spiders. They are much safer than spider repellants, too, so you do not have to worry about your kids breathing in toxic fumes accidentally. You can set these traps along with the corners and walls of the basement, as spiders usually do not crawl in the middle. There are also higher chances of spiders being ‘trapped’ instead of ‘killed’ with this method.

Tip 5: Spread diatomaceous earth.

So, this may be a particularly brutal way of getting rid of spiders in your basement, but it is what it is. Diatomaceous earth is a powder-like substance derived from the fossils of a sea creature. If a spider walks over it, their body gets cut and injured, resulting in their juices leaking out and for them to dry up and die. Trust us, we did not intend for it to sound that gory. Sprinkling a fine layer of this earth in the corners and cracks of your basement will do the job.

Tip 6: Spray peppermint oil to make spiders run away.

For whatever reason, spiders hate the smell of peppermint, which is why spraying a concoction of peppermint oil and water is a highly effective way of getting rid of spiders in your basement. Mix 15-20 drops of peppermint oil in a standard spray bottle full of water. Spray it along the walls and in the cracks in your basement to watch all spiders skittle away. You can also use cotton balls soaked in the oil in different spots and if the peppermint smell makes you run away too, use eucalyptus or tea tree oil instead.

Tip 7: Attack spiders with vinegar.

Another hack to manage a spider infestation. Take equal parts water and white vinegar, mix the two in a spray bottle and spray it anywhere you see a bunch of spiders lounging in your basement. The acetic acid in vinegar burns the spider upon contact – again not intended – and sometimes even just the pungent smell of vinegar drives them away.

So, while you can consider putting small dishes of white vinegar in the basement to drive them away, directly spraying them with it will be more effective in getting rid of a spider army.

Tip 8: Throw a few horse chestnuts around.

Finally, here is a grandma hack for getting rid of spiders in the basement: throw some horse chestnuts around. We are not sure why exactly, but spiders begin to disappear when they see horse chestnuts around. While there is no scientific evidence or explanation for this method, it is believed that some obnoxious smelling chemical repels spiders. So, we suggest poking holes or splitting them in half when placing horse chestnuts in your basement.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no denying that spiders in your basement can be an unpleasant sight, and if you plan on storing food or other important items there, spiders must be kept out! Thankfully, there are several different ways to get rid of spiders in your basement and your whole house in general. We hope following a combination of our tips on how to get rid of spiders in basement; you will be able to conquer this war. Good luck!