How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in a Bathroom

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom – not only is it a nuisance for yourself, but it can also create an embarrassing situation when guests are visiting and need to use your bathroom. This usually happens when dried-up urine residue has been resting in the corners and crevices around your toilet seat. The chances are that your bathroom needs more than the regular clean-up you do every week.

However, sometimes, just cleaning may not work in solving the problem permanently. Well, there is no need to panic – these simple steps on how to get rid of urine smell in bathroom are here to save the day and your bathroom!

Things You May Need

Here is a list of items that you will need to get rid of the urine smell in your bathroom. Some of the items are a wise investment as they can help you long-term.

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in a Bathroom

Baking soda

White vinegar

Aromatic essential oils

Toilet bowl cleaner

Zip-It drain cleaning tool

Urine odor eliminator

Air purifier

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in a Bathroom in 7 Steps

Step 1: Clean the outside of your toilet seat

This is the most suspicious yet least expected region to clean but dried up urine residue is often accumulated on the sides of your toilet seat. The best way to approach this area is by making a paste of baking soda and lemon juice by mixing them in equal parts. Using a damp rag, spread the paste along the bottom of the toilet seat and leave for 10-15 minutes. Now spray some vinegar along the paste and let it fizzle. Finally, wipe it off using a damp rag.

Step 2:  Use essential oils for cleaning other areas in the bathroom

For cleaning the rest of the areas of your bathroom, such as the sink, and bathtub – take some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oils to it. Some of the best essential oils for getting rid of urine smell can be lavender, thyme, and cedar. Spray the alcohol and oil mixture in the areas you want to clean. Essential oils will not only eliminate the urine odor but also make your bathroom smell amazing.

Step 3: Clean the toilet tank (properly)

While any good quality toiler bowl cleaner will do the job, you can also use white vinegar to get rid of urine smell. It is easy for a toilet bowl to retain a urine smell if it is not cleaned regularly. Just open the toilet tank and pour half a cup of vinegar in it. Then put on some rubber gloves and scrub the sides of the tank with a scrub brush. Flush the toilet and if needed, repeat this step.

Step 4: Thoroughly clean out the drains

Another way of getting rid of urine smell is by cleaning out the drains properly. Sometimes a clogged drain can become the cause of worsened urine odor. Remove the drain stopper to clean it with vinegar and get rid of hair, dirt, and debris. Nest, use a Zip-It tool to reach down the drain and push and pull a few times to remove any blockages. Flush the drain with hot water and let the water run for several minutes.

  • Once in a while, pour a cup of baking soda and vinegar down the drain – this will clean out the drain, help remove clogs, and neutralize any odor.

Step 5: Follow up with regular clean-ups

After the thorough cleaning, make sure you regularly clean your bathroom to prevent any urine and odor build-up. This is the most sustainable and permanent way to get rid of urine smell in your bathroom. Make sure to include the toilet bowl, lid, and sides of the toilet in the regular clean-up. Mop the floor with a special focus on the area surrounding the toilet seat.

Step 6: Frequently use odor eliminators

Most people use air fresheners in the bathroom so their bathrooms can smell ‘good’. But, if your bathroom already has a urine odor, the mixture of the two scents can make a worse combination. So, a better way of getting rid of urine smell is to use products called ‘odor eliminators’ – they are easily and readily available and actually eliminate or neutralize the urine odor instead of just covering it. If you have a pet and keep running into a similar problem with them, this product will work best there too!

Step 7: Ensure proper ventilation

Finally, proper ventilation is extremely important to get rid of urine smell besides other bathroom odors because simple airflow can help reduce smells. In fact, you may realize that poor ventilation is a major reason for your bathroom always being smelly. Install an overhead fan and switch it on after every bathroom use, or if there is a window in your bathroom, open it to let air in.

If your bathroom has very poor air circulation, consider investing in an air purifier. This plug-in device will help increase air circulation and also remove odor-causing bacteria from your bathroom’s air.

Our Final Thoughts

While keeping your bathroom clean at all times comes under regular household chores, often, it is not enough to eliminate a urine smell that tends to linger or come back after every cleaning session. The good news is that our guide on how to get rid of urine smell in bathroom can easily help you avoid any embarrassment in front of guests and enjoy a clean-smelling bathroom at all times!