How to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden

Do you have a pet dog and also happen to have found a new passion for planting a flower or vegetable garden in your backyard? Seemingly the two may not sit well together, given how your playful and active dog may end up digging and trampling your newly prepared flower bed. However, fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to keep your dog out of the garden, and we are sharing the best 7 of those below.

Things You’ll Need:

Here are a few things that can help you deter your dog from roaming into the garden. You needn’t equip yourself with all of them, depending on which tip you decide to try.

Citrusy fragrance

Garden fencing

Dog toys

Chicken wire

Motion-activated sprinkler

How to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden in 7 Steps

Tip 1: Spice and stink things up.

There are two facts you need to know concerning dogs. One, they do not like spicy and citrusy fragrances, and two, dogs’ sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours. Therefore, to keep your dog out of the garden, you can do a number of different things with this tip. Spraying any citrusy fragrance will make sure your dog doesn’t frequent your garden area. Alternatively, sprinkling some chili flakes around your garden area can also keep the dog away.

How to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden

Tip 2: Set up a fence around your prized assets.

This is a pretty effective technique given how big your garden is and if you can easily execute it. A cheaper option will be surrounding your garden with a chicken wire; however, it may not be very aesthetically pleasing. If the presentation of your garden is as important to you as its protection, then you can consider setting up a fancy fence around your prized possessions.

Tip 3: Distract your dog with toys.

Any dog owner would know that dogs are active creatures, always looking for something to do. Taking them out for a walk may not be enough to kill their boredom, and so for keeping dogs out of the garden, you can buy them some fun toys.

This will keep them both busy and distracted, and your plants can safely grow in peace. In case of an emergency (your dog somehow getting too close to your garden), you can even have a designated fetch toy to make your dog run in the opposite direction.

Tip 4: Make a dog-friendly digging area.

As an extension to the tip above, you can also make a dog-friendly digging area to keep them occupied and fulfill their ‘activity needs’. Usually, dogs dig when they are bored and other just love getting dirty in the soil. Whatever the case, to keep your dog out of the garden area, you can designate a separate area where they can dig and have fun.

You can mark the territory with dog toys and sandboxes and train your dog to recognize it as its play area. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you can use this tip in combination with fencing or olfactory deterrents.

Tip 5: Do not leave your dog unsupervised.

This holds especially true if you have a puppy. Inquisitive and playful by nature, they do not see dragging your prized plants around the garden as destructive behavior. For them, it is just a fun opportunity to learn and explore. This is why do not leave your puppies unsupervised until they are old and trained enough to not run towards your garden on the first opportunity they find to do so.

We know it can be difficult to monitor your active friend at all times, so try to keep them indoors when you are busy. You can take them out for a walk or to a park to fulfill their outdoor playtime needs.

Tip 6: Train your dog to recognize the no-no zones.

While all the tips we shared above are effective ways of keeping dogs out of the garden, you may also want to look into more long-term solutions. The best approach to take here would be to train your dog. You will eventually need to train them to identify places they should not go to for their own safety’s sake. Use a commanding voice when pointing to the areas they are not supposed to go and firmly say NO.

Giving them a light pat on the nose or on their butt helps in making the point clear. Sensing the disappointment and firmness in your tone and voice, they will eventually shy away from going to the no-go zones. However, it is important to train them for this from the beginning and stay consistent with the message for them to understand and apply the learning every day.

Tip 7: Use a motion-activated sprinkler

We all know that dogs do not like water! Even if yours is an exception, a sudden cold spray of water out of nowhere will not be welcomed by them.  Using a sprinkler system can help you keep your garden irrigated, too, and so you will be hitting two birds with one stone. However, to keep your dog out of the garden, we recommend a motion-activated sprinkler.

This will get activated with an alarm and jet and of cold water as soon as it senses a motion near it (you can always control the setting when you are going toward it yourself). This tip is effective in keeping dogs out of your garden and protecting your garden against any other creatures.

Our Final Thoughts

Well, that is a round-up of our seven effective tips on how to keep your dog out of the garden. It is natural for your dog or puppy to venture into your carefully planted garden either out of boredom or even sheer curiosity. You can use a number of the tips we have shared in combination with each other to keep your dog out of the garden zone. Remember to be always gentle with your pet friend and encourage them to showcase desired behavior by rewarding them.