How to Keep Flies Away from a Patio

We love flies buzzing around our food as we try to enjoy a barbeque on our patio – said nobody ever. If there is one insect more annoying than mosquitoes – it has to fly. While the danger imposed by mosquitoes is more obvious in the form of a bite, flies are more of a nuisance because of their annoying buzz and likelihood of sitting on our food.

Most people do not realize that flies can be equally dangerous due to their ability to spread harmful diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, etc., as they often land on rotten food, dead animals, and trash. So, if you looked up ways for how to keep flies away from patio, you have a valid concern. Find below a list of useful tips and items that will help keep your patio free of flies.

Things You May Need

Here are a few items that you may need to get rid of flies outside:

How to Keep Flies Away from a Patio



Electric Light Fly Trap


Lavender Plant

How to Keep Flies Away from a Patio in 9 Steps

Tip 1: Keeping the patio tidy.

It is no surprise that flies get attracted to anything that smells strongly and carries a nasty scent. This is why leaving trash outside or not having tidied patio can become the cause of the problem. Therefore, to get rid of flies outdoors, you must maintain the cleanliness of your patio. It should be your chilling spot, not that of the flies.

Tip 2: Removing any stagnant water sources.

Flies often lay eggs in stagnant water, and given the fact that they can lay up to 500 eggs in a month, you do not want to leave out any sources of stagnant water outdoors. Therefore, if you keep water out for birds, make sure to change it every day. Similarly, do away with any debris, tires, pots, etc., that may be holding rainwater.

Tip 3: Mowing your lawn.

It may come off as a surprise, but long grass is flies’ favorite place to hang out. So, if your patio advances into a neglected lawn with overgrown grass, you would want to trim it clean to get rid of flies outdoors. Similarly, do not leave piles of leaves hanging in a corner and keep any bushes and shrubs trimmed up.

Tip 4: Keep the flies busy with a homemade trap.

If you are planning to enjoy some sweet tea and cake or a fiery barbecue on your patio and are afraid the flies would like to join in too, make a homemade trap to dodge them. Mix some cornmeal and molasses in a wide dish/ platter and keep it a little away from where you’ll be eating. All the flies will rush toward the treat only to find themselves stuck in the dish. Enjoy your meal peacefully.

Tip 5: Buy an electric light fly trap.

Here is a long-term solution for fly-free evenings and sunsets in the patio. Invest in an electric light trap – the light emitting from the trap attracts the flies and zaps them immediately. Alternatively, you can also get a UV light trap, which works similarly. In either case, fix the trap at a considerable height to prevent anyone from hitting their head to it while walking.

Tip 6: Put cloves around in the patio.

To get rid of flies outdoors, you can put some cloves in the surrounding area. The smell of cloves repels flies, so you can also put some on your eating table where the food is laid out. This way, they will not dare come near your food!

Tip 7: Beautify your patio with some Lavender plants.

There are a couple of more scents that deter flies. Lavender is one of them – with this hack, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will your patio look and smell great with small Lavender pots arranged aesthetically, but they will also keep flies away from your patio. In case you can’t find lavender or it is out of season, you can also do the same with elderberry, false indigo, basil, and mint. In case of the last two, you will also be getting free herbs!

Tip 8: Install a fan on your patio.

There is no denying that it can get really hot outside in the summers, and so even though it may seem silly, installing a fan can be a genius idea to keep cool and fly-free outdoors. Flies do not like breeze or wind, and therefore, a fan can help you get rid of flies outdoors. However, you will obviously need to check if there is enough space in your patio to do this.

Tip 9: Mind your compost bin.

If you are someone who composts, firstly, we appreciate you for your eco-friendly effort! Second, please do not leave your compost bin out in the open for too long. That would be like sending an open invitation to the flies for an elite buffet. And you certainly do not want that when you are trying to get rid of flies outdoors. Try to keep your compost pile moist, warm, and as far away from your patio as possible.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no foolproof way to completely eradicate flies from outdoors, and from an environmental point of view, it is not even advisable. After wasps and bees, flies are responsible for the most pollination. They also help keep the ecosystem in balance. However, there is no denying that having them buzz around carrying the disease to your food is also a no-go.

Therefore, we have shared 9 of the most effective tips on how to keep flies away from patio to minimize the fly population outside your home. Using a combination of two or more of these tips will ensure that you enjoy fly-free evenings and meals every day.