How to Permanently Get Rid of Weeds in a Driveway?

The presence of unwanted weeds grown between the pavers of your driveway tarnishes its aesthetics. The worst part is that they grow very quickly and especially between the paving stones. Besides being unsightly, they can also create problems. If left untreated, weeds can slowly erode the concrete up to the point where you need to remodel your driveway. Therefore, it is important to treat them immediately, and fortunately, there are several ways for that. But, how to permanently get rid of weeds in a driveway? Is there a way? This article will answer these questions. So, if your driveway is overgrown with weeds, this article is for you!

Let’s first discuss the things you will need to remove weeds from our driveway!

Things You’ll Need:

Depending on the method you want to opt for according to your preference or affordability, you may need different items:

How to Permanently Get Rid of Weeds in a Driveway?

A thermal weed burner, also known as weed torch, or an electric weed burner: These tools offer an ecological alternative to weedkiller chemicals that are not environmentally-friendly.

Scraper knife or driveway weed tool: You can use these tools if you plan to uproot them by hand.

Chemical or organic Weedkillers, such as Southern AG 2,4-d Amine Broadleaf Selective Herbicide for Weed Control or Natural Armor All natural concentrated formula

Sprayer for weedkiller

Gardening gloves

Now let’s discuss the different ways to remove weed from your driveway!

How to Permanently Get Rid of Weeds in a Driveway?

The following methods not just remove the weeds from your driveway but prevent them from growing back:

1. Weed Removal with Weed Burners, an Ecological Method

Weed burners not just remove weed but control its proliferation without affecting the environment. With more and more people concerned about the environment and looking for an ecological alternative, the use of chemicals has reduced. The use of thermal or electric weed burners is not uncommon, and gardeners and farmers have been using these for quite a time.

A thermal weed burner destroys weeds by exposing them to high temperatures without flame. It instantly kills the weeds, which you can later pick up from your driveway.

The handling of an electric weed burner is the same as that of a thermal one. The only difference is that it kills weeds by giving them a thermal shock. It is more effective and safer than the thermal burner.

2. Weed Removal by Hand

This is the most common and affordable method for which you need some specific tools. Weeding tools for gardens and driveways are not the same. You need those specially designed to pull weeds between the paving stone, such as the SWANSOFT Crack Weeder, Stainless Steel Garden, Patio and Driveway Weed Tool (ASIN# B08DKY2Q63) that comes with a pair of gloves. This tool is perfect for lifting rooted weeds between pavers. Put all the uprooted trash into a bucket. It allows you to work in a clean and organized manner.

Do not cut the weeds, but pull them from their roots. Total uprooting is required to prevent their regrowth. In addition, they tend to multiply if they are not spotted immediately. A good tip is to work on a wet surface. It makes it easier to pull them out. The best way is to lightly water your driveway before you start to extract the weeds.

3. Getting Rid of Weeds through Weedkillers

If you’re planning to use a weedkiller to eliminate weeds from your driveway, you’ve several options to choose from. There are chemical and organic weedkillers available in the market. Choose the ones according to your preference. Some people prefer organic ones since they’re safer to use and are environmentally friendly. In addition, if your driveway is beside a garden bed, a chemical weedkiller can destroy other ornamental plants too.

The procedure to use weedkillers is simple. Some weedkillers need to be diluted while others are ready to use. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and use a sprayer to spray evenly on your driveway. You have to take extra care while doing this. If you or anyone in your family has asthma or other respiratory issues, or certain allergies, it is highly recommended not to use chemical weedkillers. Organic weedkillers are, however, safer and can be used with precautions. Just follow the directions on the package to use it on your driveway.

Remember that chemical products can also damage your driveway pavers. Weedkillers with intense chemicals such as bleach may damage your pavers’ appearance. Therefore, it is better to avoid them and opt for organic weedkillers.

Some Natural Remedies

Besides all the above methods, there are some proven natural methods that farmers have been using for a long time. One such method is the use of potato cooking water. Boiling potatoes in water with some salt and spreading it between the pavers kills the weeds. The heat, sodium and starch work together as a weedkiller.

Another natural weedkiller is baking soda. You need to sprinkle baking soda over the area with a proportion of 20g per m². Its small amount is enough to gradually kill the unwanted weeds, turning them yellow to wither and finally die. You can also simply use boiling water on the weeds to kill them but you need to be extra careful while doing it.

The natural methods are the safest, but they need to be repeated once or twice a year to prevent weed regrowth.

Our Final Thoughts!

We hope the information above must have answered the question, how to permanently get rid of weeds in a driveway? You have several options to choose from to uproot weeds from your driveway or sidewalk and to stop their regrowth. Do not forget to share this information with your friends, and let us know how it worked for you!