How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key?

How to open your door without your keys if it is not locked? Your bedroom door is locked from inside, and you don’t have the keys. This situation is very common in households, especially where there are children. You think, of course, of the locksmith, but did you know that it is possible to try to open it yourself. It may sound complicated, but with a bit of patience, you can be very successful. This article shares some solutions on how to unlock a bedroom door without a key. Try these before you pick up your phone to call a locksmith.

We will move from the simple techniques that involve using home tools to some technical solutions. But before that, let’s see what you need to unlock a bedroom door without a key. Better keep these things at home if you’ve already experienced the situation once.

Things You’ll Need

Kwikset emergency key: Bumping key set

Sets of emergency keys for interior door: Lock pick tools

5 Piece replacement key set: Lock pick tool set

These products have proven to be effective in unlocking doors, but if you are in a similar situation, first try with the simple home tools.

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key?

1. Home Tools

To use this method, you only need to use objects within your reach, such as clips and hairpins. Once you have any of these materials, you introduce them into the keyhole as follows:

  • Push the chosen object (in the case of the clip, it must be disassembled and bent again, but this time the two ends must meet), applying tension in the lower part of the keyhole.
  • Through the upper area of the hole (on top of the previously introduced object), put another object completely unfolded, as if it were just a piece of wire. Move it slightly upwards while pressing inwards with the last piece.

With a Butter Knife

It is a simple procedure that consists of inserting the knife through the keyhole, pressing, and turning; it’s that simple! Although it does not work for all locks, it is ideal for simple knob models.

Another way to use this tool is to remove the latch with the knife’s tip, where the rigidity of this is a plus point. It is only necessary to place the tool’s blade in question in the slot between the door and the frame, place the knife on top of the latch, and gradually insert it into the hole where the latch or element keeps the door closed falls.

Finally, the knob or handle is moved as if trying to open the door so that the latch moves and you can remove it more easily.

Use a Plastic or Credit Card

This technique is quite popular, although it is ineffective on modern doors with slats covering the latch. However, it does work for models with simple and basic locks.

The trick is to put the card or plastic in the same space recommended in the knife method. Slide the long end of the card or plastic right in the middle of the wall frame and the door lock; above the lock.

Rapid up and down movements are required to generate an impulse tilt of the card to be positioned behind the lock latch.

Then very slowly but firmly, push the card towards your body while turning the knob. The card will roll in the middle of one of the latch sides and the door frame, thus removing it from the rest hole. However, you have to keep the card in the middle of the latch and the hole.

It is important to note that the trick is unlikely to work if the door is locked past. To do this, you must use a more rigid and resistant object to make a better lever, as is the case with the knife as mentioned above technique.

Use Brute Force Against the Door

This would be, in any case, the last option to consider since taking this action can cause physical damage to whoever executes it. But, you can always exert force on the door and knock it down in emergencies.

You should only adopt a solid posture that consolidates all the brute force in one part of the body, for example, a leg, and proceed to apply moderate blows on the door until it opens.


Another body part that can bear some force is the shoulder, but it can be very painful. It is good to use a cushion or pillow that reduces the impact to avoid this.

With a Similar Key

If you lose your room key, you may open the door with a similar key. It does not matter that it is not the key to that door, you are looking for one from another room, and you can use it. Of course, if there are several key options, it is better to choose the most similar one.

The next thing is to place it inside the lock. If it does not fit well, it is pushed with a rubber hammer or any other object. The next thing is to turn it from side to side constantly. In case of not opening, you can use pliers to support yourself.

It is best to use the simplest and least invasive methods that do not cause damage when opening a door since a broken door implies an expense.

2. Try a Bumping Key

Bumping keys are specially designed to open locked doors. These keys are used to unlock tooth-based locking systems, which are used in most homes. You can press the most spring-loaded pin systems against the corresponding prongs, which will quickly open the door lock. These keys are generally used for common house locks, as most of them use a single-sided key.

3. Use Lock Pick Tools

If you know how to use a lock pick set, then go ahead. Use it every time you’re in a similar situation. However, if you don’t have any experience using lock pick tools, it is better not to try as you will destroy the lock. The idea of lock pick tools is to use a sturdy metal to invent a tension key or lock picks; insert the tension key over the safety and press it.

You put tension when working with the picks. Place the pick over the tension key and push each piston against the lock. If you rotate the tension wrench in the right direction, you should hear the pistons drop.

In the case of not being able to open the door without having the need to damage something only if an emergency arises that will put people’s lives, or animals at risk, or other emergency situations, call an expert.

Our Final Thoughts

Now you know the answer to the question: how to unlock a bedroom door without a key? It is always better to use home tools, but you can also try lock pick tools if you’re familiar with them. Share this information with your family and friends, and let us know if these methods worked.