Pet Tags for Less: Cheap Dog & Cat Tags

The topic of this article is pet tags for less. Pet tags are typically used to identify dogs, cats or other animals. The dog tags or cat tags could have the pet’s name on the pet tag or the information of the owner of the pet. This could be very handy in case a pet runs away from home, because now people will have a way to contact the pet owner and inform them that they have found their pet.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Pet Tags

Normally, a pet tag is attached to the collar of an animal. Each pet should have a pet tag as it is an advantage to have. In addition pet tags are a great way to express that your beloved pet is a very important part of your family. Pet tags can be bought in all kinds of shapes, sizes and price ranges. We will highlight several of the best and cheapest pet tags for dogs and cats.

Personalized Pet Tags

Do you prefer some more input in choosing exactly how a dog or cat tag should look like? Then check out these custom pet tags!

Finding the Best Pet Tags for Less Money

In this section, we will showcase our favorite pet tags that are simple and cheap! First up, we will look at tags for dogs, and then we will list the best tags for cats.

Cheap Dog Tags

The first hint on our list of cheap dog tags is the stainless steel pet id dog tag from Cnattags. There are a total of 6 different styled tags, as shown in the image. The 6 different styles are named: bone, heart, military, paw, round, and star.

Pet Tags for Less: Cheap Dog & Cat Tags

Each tag also comes with a steel split ring that is included in the price. The engraved dog tags come with a lifetime warranty for the engraving part of the tags. These tags are therefore high quality dog tags, while still being very inexpensive!

The second hint on our list of customized dog tags are the stainless steel tags from GoTags. These tags comes in 9 different styles! Some of these styles are displayed on the attached image. The styles are called: bone, bow tie, flower, heart, house, ranger badge, rectangle, round and star.

In addition there are 2 sizes available: small and regular. The small size is approximately: 1.3 inches x 0.9 inches and the regular size is approximately: 1.6 inches x 1.1 inches. There is room for 8 lines of customized text as the tag can be engraved on both sides.

Military Style Dog Tags

The third hint on our list of cheap dog tags are the custom military dog tags from GoTags. These tags are available in 8 different colors and the silencer has 17 colors to choose from.

The traditional styled military dog tags are the perfect gift for your dog as they look awesome. The tag has space for 5 lines of personalized text.

Cheap Cat Tags

Now it is time for the best cat id tags!

The first hint on our list of cheap cat tags is the aluminum cat tag from Providence Engraving. There are a wide variety of styles available. The cat face style is among the more popular styles.

In total there are 8 different colors to choose from, two sizes available and a tag can hold up to 4 lines of custom text.

The second hint on our list of the best engraved cat tags are the personalized cat tags from Vet Recommended ID Tags. There are many shapes, styles, sizes and colors available. Dog owners can also use these pet tags for less.

The tag will hold up to 4 lines of text in total.

Conclusion: We Found the Cheapest and Best Pet Tags

After reading about the best pet tags for less, we hope you have a better understanding of pet tags in general and now know that personalized tags do not have to be expensive. Pet tags are a great way to say that your dog, puppy, cat or kitten is a huge part of the family.

If in the worst-case scenario your pet goes missing and the missing pet has a pet tag, then there is a higher chance that your pet will be found and safely be returned to your home.

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