snap hair clips for thick hair

Take Control of Your Thick Locks with Snap Hair Clips: A Handyman’s Guide

Are you tired of struggling to find hair clips that can handle your thick locks? Look no further than snap hair clips! These handy little accessories are specifically designed for thicker hair, and can make a world of difference in your styling routine.

In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive introduction to snap hair clips for thick hair, including the importance of choosing the right type of clip, the various options available, and how to properly use and maintain your clips for maximum effectiveness.

So if you’re a handyman when it comes to fixing things, don’t let your hair be an exception. Keep reading to learn all about snap hair clips for thick hair and take control of your styling routine.

snap hair clips for thick hair

Introduction to Snap Hair Clips for Thick Hair

So, you’ve got thick hair and you’re tired of dealing with flimsy hair clips that just can’t handle your locks. Well, let me introduce you to the world of snap hair clips for thick hair.

These little wonders are designed specifically for those with thicker tresses. They have a strong grip and durable build that can withstand the weight and volume of your luscious mane without slipping or breaking.

Not only do snap hair clips provide a secure hold, but they also come in a variety of stylish designs to suit any occasion. Whether you’re going for an elegant updo or just need something to keep your bangs out of your face while working on DIY projects around the house (because let’s be real, who doesn’t love being a handy man?), there’s sure to be a snap clip out there that will fit both your style and needs.

So why settle for subpar accessories when these game-changing snaps exist? It’s time to upgrade from flimsy plastic clips and embrace the power (and comfort) of snaps made specifically for those with thicker locks. Trust us – once you make the switch, there’ll be no going back!

The importance of choosing the right hair clip for thick hair

As a handy man who is good at fixing things, you know that the right tool for the job can make all the difference. The same principle applies when it comes to hair accessories, particularly snap hair clips for thick hair.

Choosing the wrong clip can lead to frustration and disappointment as your locks slip out of place or become tangled in a poorly designed clip. But fear not – with some careful consideration and attention to detail, you can find a snap hair clip that will hold up even under the weight of your luscious tresses.

First and foremost, look for clips specifically designed for thick or heavy hair. These will typically be larger in size with stronger springs to accommodate thicker strands without slipping or sliding around.

Another important factor is material – opt for clips made from sturdy materials such as metal instead of flimsy plastic options which are prone to breaking under pressure. Additionally, consider whether you prefer smooth vs textured surfaces on your clips; while smooth may provide less grip initially, they may also cause less damage over time compared to rougher textures which could snag on individual strands.

Finally don’t forget about color and design! While this might seem like an afterthought compared with functionality considerations above-mentioned points but choosing something fun can really add some personality into your daily routine!

In conclusion selecting right kind of snap Hair Clips needs attention just like any other tool selection process would need before starting any project!

Different types of snap hair clips are suitable for thick hair.

Are you tired of struggling to find hair clips that can handle your thick locks? Look no further, as we explore the different types of snap hair clips suitable for those with voluminous tresses.


Firstly, consider claw clips. These are perfect for holding up large sections of hair and come in various sizes to accommodate thicker strands. They often have teeth on the inside to grip onto your hair securely without slipping.

Another option is jaw clips. Similar to claw clips but with a larger opening, these are ideal for creating updos or half-up hairstyles for those with thicker locks. They also come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any occasion.

For a more subtle look, try out small snap barrettes or bobby pins specifically designed for thick hair. These may seem too delicate at first glance but rest assured they can provide enough hold even on thicker strands without causing breakage or discomfort.

Finally, don’t forget about alligator or banana clips which work well on both curly and straight locks alike! Their long shape allows them to hold large amounts of heavy hair while keeping it secure throughout the day.

In conclusion, finding the right type of snap clip suitable for thick hair may require some experimentation but there’s certainly something out there that will work wonders!

How to properly use snap hair clips for thick hair?

Are you tired of struggling to keep your thick locks in place with flimsy hair accessories? Snap hair clips may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s how to properly use them:

First, section off the area of hair you want to clip. Take a small amount and twist it tightly before securing it with the snap clip. Repeat this process until all desired sections are clipped.

But wait! Don’t just randomly place each clip wherever there’s space – strategic placement is key when dealing with thicker tresses. Start at the root and work your way down, clipping as close to your scalp as possible for maximum hold.

It’s also important not to overload each snap clip with too much hair; if it feels like it might break or slip out, that means there’s too much tension on that one piece of hardware.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment! Snap clips come in various sizes and colors, so try mixing and matching until you find what works best for your specific needs.

By following these tips, using snap hair clips can become a breeze even for those who have previously struggled due their thick locks – they’ll have an easy time keeping their hairstyle in check while still looking stylish all day long!

Tips for maintaining and styling thick hair with snap hair clips

If you have thick hair, you know how challenging it can be to maintain and style it. But with the right tools, such as snap hair clips, you can achieve a sleek and stylish look without spending hours in front of the mirror.

To start, make sure your hair is clean and dry before using snap hair clips. Section off your desired amount of hair to work with at a time, clipping up the rest out of the way.

When styling with snap hair clips on thick tresses consider a more substantial size that will comfortably hold all your locks in one clip rather than several small ones which may not do justice for voluminous manes. Additionally try using larger 3 inch or 4 inch snaps for thicker strands as these sizes offer great anchorage while being gentle on strands.

For an easy and quick updo simply section off top part into two parts either left or right depending on preference then twist each side till they meet at back center area securing them together by snapping one large clip through both sections holding everything securely in place above neck base giving effortless sophistication to any look

Remember when placing Snap Hair Clips around crown area ensure they are sturdy enough so that they don’t slip down due weight from bulkiness of mane however avoid overuse during braiding process as this could cause snagging leading damage overtime

With these tips handyman who is good fixing things like yourself can easily maintain their luxurious locks while keeping them stylishly pinned back throughout day!


Using snap hair clips for thick hair is a great way to easily style and manage your locks. With the right clip and some helpful tips, you can now handle styling your thicker-than-usual locks with ease. To make sure that all of those styles stay in place, be sure to remember these tips so you can enjoy having hairstyles that will last throughout the day without worry! Now go out there with your newly acquired skills–and don’t forget to show off how good you look wearing snap hair clips for thick hair!