Studio vs One Bedroom Apartment : What’s the Difference?

The only question that arises on an apartment hunt is, ‘what is a studio apartment vs. one bedroom apartment?’. These two popular picks have a few things in common and some significant differences as well.

You must understand the distinction between the two, and only with the proper knowledge can you make an informed decision.

Let’s take a look at what is a studio apartment vs. a one bedroom apartment.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is based on the open floor concept and is a large room serving as one main living area. It is often the living room, bedroom, and kitchen – are combined into a single room. There are no walls or separators to divide each area into sections, including your kitchen, bedroom, and living room. The only place that’s separate is your bathroom.

Since studio apartments vs. one bedroom apartments are more comfy and concise, this could be the main incentive for some renters. On the other hand, the lack of privacy and separate rooms could be a big no for other renters.

Keep in mind; cooking can leave the smell lingering in your apartment the entire day. People who opt for a studio apartment need to adjust to the idea of sleeping right next to the kitchen. It’s best to keep an air freshener at all times.

Due to the high rental prices in urban areas, a studio apartment is perfect for single renters. Preferring a studio apartment vs. one bedroom apartment will save you a great deal of money.

What is a One Bedroom Apartment?

Unlike studio apartments, one bedroom apartments have separate areas. The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are different areas from the living space.

Some one bedroom apartments may combine a living or dining room with the kitchen for an open floor concept, depending on the size of the apartment. If you opt for a larger one bedroom apartment, they might even offer a separate eating area. You can decorate your one bedroom apartment with wall art.

One bedroom apartments are usually more open when compared to studio apartments. It is easier to maintain your privacy and entertain guests with the extra space.

Price: Studios vs One Bedroom Apartments

Studio apartments vs. one bedroom apartments are budget-friendly. While the prices of both vary depending on the location you’re choosing to live at. A studio apartment will still cost you less than a one bedroom apartment. It is entirely your choice to figure out if the price difference is worth looking at your preferences.

Differences Between a Studio Apartment and a One Bedroom

There are many differences to consider when it comes to studio apartments vs. one bedroom apartments are the following:


The cost of the apartment is the most significant factor that determines what you opt for. A studio apartment is a pocket-friendly choice to make when compared to a one bedroom apartment. However, a studio apartment offers less space than a one bedroom apartment, so it is crucial to evaluate the price tag with the limited space provided in a studio apartment.

A studio apartment is generally several hundred dollars inexpensive than a one bedroom apartment, depending upon the square footage and how lavish the condo is. Yet, for some renters, the increased size of the one bedroom is worth the extra cost and is an intelligent choice to make.


But for other renters, the savings they will make when opting for a studio apartment will be worth it as this can cover your grocery or utility bills for the month.

It all depends upon your preferences and priorities. If you wish to save up, then a studio apartment is the perfect option for you. While, if you prefer added space and a separate area for everything and you’re okay with paying extra, then a one bedroom apartment is the way to go.


If you’re moving in with someone, a better option for you would be a one bedroom apartment. It is more spacious, has extra storage space, and can easily accommodate two people along with all their belongings.

However, a studio apartment can save you a good chunk of money when living with a roommate or significant other but will make you both feel all cramped up. It is necessary to have a good amount of space if you’re living with someone.

Standard of Living

Your lifestyle will define what apartment you end up renting to complement your daily routine. If you’re a very social person and someone who enjoys hosting parties and events at home, you will need space to do so. A one bedroom apartment will offer you the freedom and comfort you and your guests need.

In a studio apartment, your bed will be exposed to anyone who visits you. There will be no privacy. If you throw a party, then guests will constantly surround your personal belongings. It will get challenging to control all in a studio apartment.

For people who love decorating their apartments and entertaining many guests, studio apartments aren’t for them.


Most of the time, size is not a significant factor when you’re hunting for the perfect apartment for you – location plays an essential part as well. A studio apartment is easier and more affordable to find in urban areas.

If you’re a daily commuter, keep in mind the time it takes to get from your apartment to your office.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know the top differences on what is a studio apartment vs. one bedroom apartment, you can make a practical choice for yourself. Just keep in mind if you often have guests over and the cost is not an issue for you, then a one bedroom apartment is just what you need. However, if you’re moving in with someone and you both wish to save money, a studio apartment is perfect for you both. Choose wisely!