tesla model y and 3 accessories

Top Tesla Model Y and 3 Accessories for the Handy Owner

If you’re a Tesla owner, you know that the right accessories can enhance your driving experience and keep your car looking and performing its best. Whether you have a Model Y or a Model 3, there are a variety of accessories on the market that can take your ride to the next level.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular and useful accessories for your Tesla, from customizing the interior to enhancing the exterior and even maintaining and protecting your investment. So if you’re a handy person who loves fixing things and wants to get the most out of your Tesla, keep reading!

An Introduction to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Accessories

As a handy person who enjoys fixing and customizing things, you’ll be pleased to know that the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 have a plethora of accessories available to personalize your ride. From practical add-ons to stylish enhancements, these accessories can enhance your driving experience in many ways.

tesla model y and 3 accessories

Let’s start with the practical ones first. One essential accessory is the all-weather floor mats that protect your car’s interior from dirt, mud, water or snow. These durable mats are easy to clean and fit perfectly into either the Model Y or 3.

Another must-have accessory for any Tesla owner is a charging adapter bundle that includes various adapters for different types of outlets. This bundle enables you to charge on-the-go at hotels or RV parks seamlessly.

Moving on to more aesthetic options – adding chrome delete kits can give an edgier look by removing chrome accents around windows and doors on both models while protecting them from scratches as well.

An eye-catching upgrade would be installing carbon fiber spoilers which not only looks great but also improves aerodynamics during highway driving providing better handling at high speeds too!

For those wanting more convenience features like phone charging pads (Model 3) or center console organizers (Model Y) provides extra storage space keeping essentials within reach during long drives – making life easier while adding functionality too!

In conclusion, there are many exciting accessories available for both Tesla models; whether it’s improving aesthetics with styling mods such as spoilers & chrome deletes; enhancing functionality through organization aids like cup holder inserts & all-weather floor mats; Or even upgrading tech features via software upgrades such as self-driving capabilities – there’s something out there waiting just perfect match!

Popular and useful accessories for the Tesla Model Y and the Model 3

As a handyman who takes pride in keeping your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 in pristine condition, you may be wondering what accessories are worth investing in to elevate your driving experience. Luckily, there are plenty of popular and useful options available that cater to all types of needs.

If you’re looking for protection against the elements and regular wear and tear, consider investing in some all-weather floor mats or a durable car cover. These accessories will keep your interior clean and free from damage caused by dirt, water, snow or sun exposure.

For those who love road trips but don’t want their battery dying on them halfway through their journey, purchasing a portable charger is essential. Not only will it give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t run out of juice on the open road but also help save time when charging at home as well.

Another popular accessory for both models is an aftermarket screen protector. It can protect the touchscreen display from scratches while still maintaining clarity and touch sensitivity; this would prevent any costly repairs down the line due to accidental drops.

Finally yet importantly: Adding stylish touches such as custom wheels or illuminated door sills can make your Tesla stand out while giving it an extra layer of personality without sacrificing its eco-friendly functionality.


In summary: Whether protecting against weather conditions during long drives with portable chargers or adding style with custom wheels there’s always something for every type of driver when looking into accessorizing either model Yor 3 .

Customizing the interior of your Tesla with accessories

Are you a handy person who loves customizing your belongings to fit your unique style? Well, why not take it up a notch and customize the interior of your Tesla Model Y or 3 with some accessories?

First things first, you’ll want to consider what kind of accessories would work best for your lifestyle. Do you need more storage space? Consider adding some cargo nets or organizers to keep everything in its place. Are you always on the go and need a way to charge multiple devices at once? A USB hub could be just what you’re looking for.

But let’s not forget about the aesthetics. Want to add some personality to your ride? How about installing custom floor mats with designs that reflect who you are or adding seat covers made from high-quality materials like leather or suede?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing the interior of your Tesla. And don’t worry if DIY isn’t really your thing – there are plenty of professional installation services available that can help bring all these ideas into reality.

So go ahead, unleash that inner handyman (or woman) inside and start creating an interior space in your Tesla that is uniquely yours!

Enhancing the exterior of your Tesla with accessories

As a handy man who takes pride in fixing things up, you may be looking for ways to enhance the exterior of your Tesla Model Y or 3. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories available that can help you achieve the look and functionality you desire.

One popular option is a carbon fiber spoiler, which not only adds an aggressive aesthetic but also improves aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. Pair this with sleek black rims for a truly eye-catching combination.

If adding more practicality to your Tesla is what interests you, consider investing in roof racks or bike carriers. These additions will allow you to easily transport equipment or outdoor gear on your next adventure without sacrificing any interior space.

Another way to elevate the exterior of your Tesla is by installing custom vinyl wraps or paint protection film. This not only protects against scratches and chips but also allows for complete personalization with unique designs or colors.

Overall, enhancing the exterior of your Tesla Model Y or 3 can be both functional and visually appealing with these available accessories. As someone skilled in fixing things up yourself, why not take on this project as well?

Maintaining and protecting your Tesla with the right accessories

As a handy man who takes pride in maintaining and protecting your Tesla, it’s important to invest in the right accessories. Your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 is more than just a car – it’s an investment that deserves the best protection against wear and tear.

One of the most essential accessories for any Tesla owner is a high-quality floor mat. Not only do these mats help protect your vehicle from dirt, debris, and spills, but they also add an extra layer of style to your interior. Consider investing in all-weather rubber mats that are specifically designed for your Tesla model.

Another accessory worth considering is a protective film for your vehicle’s exterior. These films are made from durable materials that can resist scratches, chips, and other types of damage caused by everyday driving conditions.

Beyond protection from physical damage, there are also accessories available to enhance the functionality of your Tesla. For example, you may want to consider adding roof racks or bike mounts if you enjoy outdoor activities like cycling or skiing.

Overall, investing in high-quality accessories will not only help keep your Teslas looking great but will also ensure its longevity on the road as well as increase its resale value down the line.


With so many options to customize and protect your Tesla Model Y or Model 3, you can make sure that it continues to be one of the highest performing cars on the market. From interior accessories like seat covers and floor mats to exterior enhancements such as roof racks, side skirts and aero kits; these upgrades will help keep your car looking stylish while giving you peace of mind knowing that it is well maintained. If you’re ready to start customizing your Tesla today, look no further! Make sure take advantage all the great resources available for finding the best accessories for yourself.