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Top 10 Crafting Must-Haves

Anyone who is as obsessed with crafting as I am has a mental list of their favorite products, supplies, and materials. If you’re new to crafting, or just looking for some new things to add to your crafting stash, check out the list below of my top 10 crafting must-haves.

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10. Spray Acrylic. This stuff works great to put a light coat of sealant over any finished project that you’ve made, particularly those with paint! It’s simple to use and dries quickly without a tacky finish, so it’s definitely something I like to always have around.

9. Mason Jars. Mason jars are a cute and convenient way to store crafting odds and ends, and are also the main “ingredient” in so many projects. I like to keep mason jars on hand for both of these reasons. Sometimes, I need a place to contain some extra buttons, and sometimes, I like to use those buttons to make something out of a mason jar. Dual purpose item here, folks, so be sure to stock up!

8. Fiskar ScissorsScissors have an obvious place on this list, but what’s so great about “Fiskar” brand specifically? Simply put, they stay sharp and they get the job done. And isn’t that the whole point of having scissors, for them to be sharp and cut easily? So if you’ve been struggling with scissors that are dull, or don’t cut nicely, or that are uncomfortable in your hand, do yourself a favor and buy these scissors. You and your future projects will be glad that you did!

7. Staple Gun. This may seem like an odd thing to have on this list, and six months ago I would have agreed with you. However, once I figured out the beauty of using a staple gun to attach string to wood, I started finding all kinds of things that I could use a staple gun for in my little crafting world. You can buy the one that I have here.

6. Decorative Paper. It’s true: I have a shameless love for scrap-booking. So of course I use my fair share of decorative paper for this type of crafting, but i also love decorating wooden plaques, letters, and boxes with cute paper. I find that it’s easiest to but it in packs like this, unless you are looking for something very specific. For more ideas about how to use decorative paper for crafting, check out this list of some of my latest projects!

5. Hot Glue Gun. I feel like there’s no need to explain my obsession with hot glue on a crafting post. In fact, I’m pretty sure that a hot glue gun was one of my very first craft-related purchases, many years ago. Hot glue works great for a lot of things, and if it doesn’t work as great as you thought it would, peel it off, and try some E6000 glue (keep reading). If you’re running low on hot glue sticks and need more, or are interested in buying a new hot glue gun, feel free to use these convenient links to help with that.

4. A Variety of Paint Brushes. Being that my crafts often involve painting, having a variety of good-quality paint brushes is a definite must-have! If you’re not sure where to start, or which brushes to buy first, I would recommend a set like this one. There are a handful of brushes here that will get you started!

3. Mod Podge. Mod Podge is a two-in-one sort of product because it acts as as adhesive and as a sealer. There are so many uses for this stuff when crafting, so I make sure that I’m never without it! My most common uses for Mod Podge is to stick decorative paper to wooden letters or plaques and glass containers, and to seal things that I’ve painted. There are lots of different finishes available, but I have gotten the most use out of the gloss, matte, and hard coat. If you’re not sure which to get, there’s always the starter pack that includes five different finishes! I’ve found that using a foam paint brush works best for me, since they are good at soaking up a lot of mod podge, they do not leave bristles behind, and they are easy to throw away when you are done with your project.

2. E6000 Glue. This stuff is seriously the best! I first heard about it on another blog, where the post was talking about using is to glue glass beads onto glass jars. Yes, this stuff actually adheres glass to glass! Now, not every project requires something this intense, but I have found so many great uses for this stuff that I always make sure to keep some in the house. The best part is that it dries clear, so you can use it for gluing things that are transparent (like glass) without having to worry about it messing up your project.

1. A designated crafting space. There’s nothing worse than being motivated and inspired to create something, and then realizing that you have nowhere to do it. Avoid this devastating problems with a table like this height adjustable folding utility table. If you need a crafting surface with some extra storage for your materials, a hobby desk like this one might be more helpful!


Any project that I’ve ever taken on has more often than not needed at least two of these supplies or materials. Granted, I do find myself more interested in paper crafting, painting, and “building things” for lack of a better term, which means that this list probably doesn’t hold as true for someone who does a lot of sewing, or is more involved with knitting. However, most of the things I included are for general crafting, as well as my specific interests, and I hope that you have found it helpful!

What are some of your crafting must-haves?? I love learning about great new products, so feel free to share!

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