What is a Split Bedroom?

What is a split bedroom? A common question of people who’ve been looking through property listings. Coming across the term ‘split bedroom’ in reference to the floor plan of the house makes them curious as to what it is.

People who’ve lived in two or three-story properties will not have heard about split bedrooms. The split bedroom plan refers to a design that separates the master suite from the rest of the bedrooms and areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living area, etc.

Let’s dive deeper into split bedroom layouts, along with their pros and cons.

What is a Split Bedroom?

A split bedroom refers to an architectural floor plan where the master bedroom is separated from the rest of the bedrooms and areas of the home. A floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above. This type of a floor plan is usually found in one-level properties. These aren’t very common, and homes with split bedrooms can charge a premium.

It’s not modern, and therefore the newly built properties will not feature a split bedroom floor plan.

Pros of a Split Bedroom Floor Plan

There are plenty of advantages that attract people towards a split bedroom floor plan:


It’s great to have the master bedroom and other bedrooms far apart from each other. It gives everyone equal privacy and the space that they need. There is enough living area between the master suite and the additional bedrooms, allowing you to feel at peace and not be worried about people invading your privacy.

You can be yourself and do things your way in your area. You will not have any foot traffic near your area, which gives you a sense of ease.

This split bedroom floor plan works best with guests staying over. Teenagers also prefer it as they get an escape from their parents to do their own thing.

Noise Reduction

Along with privacy, you need utmost peace, and this split bedroom home allows you to have just that. If you’ve teenage kids who blast music, watch movies and have friends over all day, then it is to your advantage that your master suite is away from all this.

You’ll be far away from all kinds of distractions, such as your children getting ready for school or someone using the washroom at night. You can also use this to your advantage and conduct meetings via video from your suite or watch movies and listen to songs of your choice. You can get yourself a pair of deep noise reduction earphones if you feel like it.


The split bedroom floor plan design helps eliminate excessive corridors and provides extra space for rooms such as the kitchen or the living room. Instead, the master suite and other bedrooms can be positioned right off the main living areas, allowing you to have the freedom to make additional rooms bigger.

The extra space in the room can easily be used as a gym or study. With this house design, you have the opportunity to explore and decorate in so many ways. You can use the space for countless things that you couldn’t before.

Work From Home

A split bedroom floor plan is best if you work from home entirely. This layout will help you get the privacy you need and make a positive difference in your life. Choose one of the other rooms as your office room so that you can maintain a balance. Get yourself a computer desk and sort out your work from home situation.

Cons of a Split Bedroom Floor Plan


While there are many advantages of settling into a split bedroom floor plan, there are a few significant disadvantages that stop people from choosing this as a potential option:


This is the very reason why families choose to avoid this type of floor plan. They don’t wish to sleep this far away from their children, especially when they’re young. The constant worry and need to check up on your kids will not allow you to feel relaxed or have a good time in your master suite.

You will not be able to keep tabs on your younger children and see if they’re using their phones or laptops. It is an excellent possibility that your children might be scared of the distance between the rooms.


A great distance between bedrooms will eventually cause space in the relationship. You will see less of your children in a split bedroom, and everyone will ultimately do their own thing. It is not good as this can create a lack of quality family time and closeness between you and your children.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope this article brings you clarity on ‘what is a split bedroom?’ and allows you to understand better the advantages and disadvantages of such a floor plan. If you’re looking for utmost privacy and have grown-up kids, then a split bedroom floor plan is ideal for you.