What is the Average Size of a Bedroom?

When you’re looking at layouts or building a house, you may want to know how big every room in the house should be. Even when you are renovating a house, you may want to know which room you should use for your master bedroom, living room, kid’s room, and more. A common question most people ask is, “what is the average size of a bedroom?” That depends on the size of the house, the country you’re living in, and the type of bedroom you want.

This article will cover average bedroom sizes in the United States. However, we will also cover the average bedroom size in other countries to give you some perspective. So, let’s break down the average size of a bedroom right here.

The Average Bedroom Size

The type of bedroom you refer to has an impact on the average bedroom size. For instance, your child’s bedroom won’t be the same size as your master bedroom. That’s why we can’t calculate, research, or estimate the average size of a bedroom in general. However, we will give you a wide range that will give you a better idea of average bedroom sizes.

What is the Average Size of a Bedroom?

Some bedrooms range between 50 square feet in a small house to 500 square feet in a larger house. As smaller houses are growing in popularity, the average size of a bedroom is getting smaller. However, with such a vast range to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out the average size of a bedroom. That’s why we have broken it down into the size of bed used in the room, the types of bedrooms, and different room sizes in countries.

Average Size of a Home in the US

The size of the bedroom depends on the size of the house, as you don’t want your bedroom to take more space than your living room and kitchen combined. You should aim for a healthy balance. The good news is that there is a simple formula that helps you find that balance. The average size of a house in the United States is 2,000 square feet, and the average size of a bedroom is 200 square feet; that comes down to around 10% of the home’s size.

You can safely say that the average size of a bedroom in the United States is around 10% of the home’s size. You can use this formula when you’re picking a new house or removing your home. Even though your bedroom will depend mainly on your preferences and taste, most people don’t want a bedroom that is “average” sized. Some want a large living room and a small bedroom, while others want the opposite of that.

Average House Size in Other Countries

Even though the United States has one of the biggest average sizes of bedrooms, it’s not the biggest in the world. That honor goes to Australia, and even though we can’t share accurate statistics for the average size of homes in all countries in the world, we have shared some of the most popular countries. For instance, the average size of a house in Hong Kong is 500 square feet, while China has apartments that are over 800 square feet in size. Here is a list of the average house size in other countries:

  • Russia – 613 square feet
  • China – 645 square feet
  • United Kingdom – 818 square feet
  • Italy – 871 square feet
  • Sweden – 893 square feet
  • Japan – 1022 square feet
  • Spain – 1044 square feet
  • Germany – 1173 square feet
  • France – 1205 square feet
  • Greece – 1356 square feet
  • Denmark – 1475 square feet
  • Canada – 1948 square feet
  • United States – 2164 square feet
  • Australia – 2313 square feet

If you want to find the average size of a bedroom in any country, you can use the one-tenth rule and divide the size of the house by ten. That will provide you with an average for the size of a bedroom, even though some people prefer smaller bedroom sizes.

All bedrooms vary in size as a farmhouse may have several large bedrooms. However, a studio apartment may not have a separate bedroom.

Average Master Bedroom Size

The biggest room in the house is the master bedroom and generally belongs to the house owner. It tends to have a king-size bed, which means the space needs to be bigger in that room. The average size of a master bedroom is between 200 to 300 square feet. That would mean that the house is at least 2,000 to 3,000 square feet in size.

The most common size for a master bedroom is typically between 14 feet and 16 feet. If you don’t have an open concept house and want a bigger master bedroom, you can always exchange your room with the family or living room.

Average Kid’s Bedroom Size

The average size of a kid’s bedroom is smaller than other bedrooms in the house. They may even be one-third or even one-half the size of the master bedroom. They will also have a twin-size bed. Due to the small bed size, a kid’s bedroom size will be between 50 and 150 square feet. You can have a larger kid’s bedroom if you want, as some people tend to want more room for their child to play.

Our Final Thoughts

So, there you have it; now, you know the average size of a bedroom in homes in the United States. To find out the average bedroom size, all you need to do is to use the 1/10th rule, and the rest is down to preference. You need to think about how much time you will be spending in the bedroom, and whether you plan to work there or have a home office in other rooms.

These questions will provide you with the answers to help decide the average size of a bedroom you should have in your house and see whether the bedrooms are too small or big. The good news is that you can always renovate your house and increase the size of your bedrooms.