Where to Put the TV in a Living Room with Lots of Windows

Are you wondering where to place your new TV in your living room? Television is one of the most crucial and valuable commodities in any house. No matter how much you spend on the walls, ceilings, and floors, nothing steals the spotlight as a TV does. So if you’re unable to decide where to put tv in living room with lots of windows, this guide is here to help you.

Placing your television right in front of a window, given that the room has a lot of them, isn’t exactly a good idea. This is because watching tv while constantly staring at the view outside can be very distracting. Moreover, the lighting just doesn’t seem to add to the equation. Instead, find a spot where the light doesn’t interfere.

While natural light is something many homeowners prefer for their rooms, the light coming in can cause disruption as you watch TV. Therefore, putting your tv right in front of a window can cause a lot of distraction as your eyes will be battling against two sources of light.

Moreover, you will not be able to use both the tv and window to their full potential as the former may block the outside view.  Keeping a television in front of the window can also cause damage to the former in case of an environmental impact such as storms, strong winds, rain, etc.

Where to Put the TV in a Living Room with Lots of Windows

Where to Put Your TV in Living Room with Lots of Windows?

Now that we know where not to place a tv, here are some possible spots where you can keep it.

Before we proceed, it’s also important to note that you need to avoid placing a TV across from the window, too. This is because you will constantly be distracted by the glare coming in.

Instead, look for a place where lighting isn’t a problem, and then you can either place it on a table or hang it on a wall, as per your preference. However, make sure to have enough switches or outlets for anything else that accompanies your tv. If there’s absolutely no wall without a window in your living room, you should consider placing it in a corner.

You may think that having a television in a corner will not complement your living room décor, but that’s not entirely true. Not only will it add more comfort to your experience, but it will also allow maximum seats to face the television. Once your tv is at an angle away from the light, you can relax and watch your favorite shows without being bothered about any outside elements.

How Else Can You Arrange the Seats?

Contrary to the popular arrangement method, your couch does not always have to face the television. It usually depends on what you prefer and what the purpose of a certain room is. For example, if your living room is where people gather and socialize, then positioning the couch off-center will work great for you.

On the other hand, if you want the TV to be the center of attention, then go ahead and make the couch face the TV. However, these two aren’t the only options. You can also arrange your living room seats in a way that they face the TV screen and also facilitate conversations.

Additionally, if you would like to highlight any other focal points around, place your TV in an adjacent position to them. This way, you will be able to guide where the sight should go. Apart from the TV, there are also other focal points such as a piece of art, a large picture, a bookshelf, and a fireplace, etc.

How to Place the TV for Less Glare from Light

Placing your tv in a room full of windows depends on several factors, such as the size of the windows and whether or not there is an open wall or a corner to facilitate it. If nothing seems to work in your favor, you may want to consider getting a TV that doesn’t necessarily have to be hung to the wall. There are several options that allow you to place TVs on the floor.

Hanging your TV is also an option, but again, it depends on how your living room is structured and whether it will make the matter any easier. However, hanging the TV means that you may not be able to change or move your furniture as the setting will be permanent.

Is Hanging the TV an Option?

If you end up deciding to hang your television, make sure to have it adjusted at eye level. Keep the width and height of all the furniture in the room in mind because positioning your tv in a spot where it isn’t comfortable or accessible may be a problem. Moreover, also keep an average person’s eye level in mind.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering where to put tv in living room with lots of windows, here are our final thoughts. Since television adds demeanor to a place and is also a valued commodity, it is important to make sure you put it in the right spot.

Moreover, when the room in question is a living room, you should be even more careful. This is because the living area is what defines your home’s demeanor to an outsider. Placing it in a spot that receives constant and direct sunlight isn’t an option.

Therefore, avoid putting your TV in front or across the window as the light will cause distraction and make it harder for you to watch TV. It will also hinder your ability to use the window properly and may cause damage to your television in case of strong winds or rainwater seeping through. Hence, you should look for a location where lighting won’t cause trouble and where your television will simply fit into the décor.