Why Do Dogs and Cats Follow You Into The Bathroom?

As much as you love being with your cat or dog or followed by them all day, there are times when you want to be alone, especially when going to the bathroom. But as soon you try this, your furry pokes their snout or little paws in when you try to close the bathroom door?  Have you ever wondered why they do this? We will look into why dogs and cats follow you into the bathroom and share some tricks you can use to enjoy your privacy.

This is clear that dogs and cats do not know privacy! Neither do they have an idea that you prefer to be alone in the bathroom, nor do they need to have their own space. Dogs do not like to do anything alone, and cats have many weird habits, and following you into the bathroom is one of them.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind this behavior and what you can do to keep them away or teach them to respect your privacy. But, the important thing is to try to understand them, right.

Reasons Why Do Dogs and Cats Follow You into the Bathroom

Their Love for Moving Water

Cats are mysterious beings, and through their developed sense of smell, they can differentiate freshwater from processed one. They find the toilet water or the washing machine very appealing as it is in continuous movement. That’s one of the major reasons why they try to be with you in the bathroom.

If you find it unhygienic for your pet to drink this water, you can provide them with a cat fountain. In this way, you can keep them distracted and enjoy your bath in peace.

They Want to Watch Over You All the Time

Your dog or cat probably has immeasurable love for you. This is why they are very protective of you! If they don’t have an eye on you, they’re in a panic and want to make sure you’re okay. This is more in the case of dogs, as they want to protect you at all times. That’s why, even in the bathroom or in the toilet, they want to be with you. Don’t be mad if your dog starts howling outside the bathroom. What if you accidentally drown in the bathtub? That’s what goes on in their head when you close the bathroom door.

They Have Special Affection for the Bathroom

Cats have a special affection for the bathroom as they have for you. Yes, even in the shower, they want to be in your company. You relax, quiet in the bathtub or the shower, and suddenly you see a little head pushing the door. It’s cute, but not always! For dogs, their mission is to protect you, even if it costs your privacy. They follow you everywhere and do not differentiate between the bathroom and the living room.

Whatever the reasons, if you do not want your cat to mess up with the toilet paper or your dog to howl outside the bathroom door, get them different pet toys. Although they don’t work at all times, they can be helpful in keeping them diverted from the bathroom.

You can also install a scratching post for your cat near the bathroom door. Although this has nothing to do with their reason to follow you into the bathroom, a scratching post can be a big distraction for your cat.

It May be a Call for Kibble

You must not forget that they are still and always hungry. Suddenly, your pet follows you everywhere to ask for something to EAT. Hence the cute puppy or meows behind the door! They tell themselves that you have forgotten their existence and that you must feed them. For this, you can keep some healthy pet snacks at home and give them right before going into the shower. You can also give these as a reward if they behave and let you take a bath peacefully. But, be sure to find a healthy alternative for your canines and felines.

They are Attention Seekers

Your cats and dogs categorically reject the idea that you thought of yourself before you thought of them. They don’t accept that you are alone and without them, so they probably try to do everything they can to make you pay attention to them, all the time, everywhere. You must be thinking, where are you allowed to give yourself a moment of respite without them?

Human Beings Intrigue Them

Maybe they are just curious about your anatomy. Your way of life is a real mystery in their heads, and they try to understand how soap is more effective than a lick to wash. The same goes for the toilets: they may not understand the usefulness of toilet paper, which is so vital to you. The human being is a real mystery, especially for the cats.

They are in Love with You

Dogs and cats can also be very sensitive and need a moment of love and romance with their owner. Maybe in the end, if they insist so much on coming with you to the bathroom, it’s because they are, in fact, secretly in love with you. In this case, you will have to be careful not to give them false hope.

Closed Door Arouses Their Curiosity

Cats and dogs are curious animals. They might get curious why you go several times into the bathroom and close the door on their face.  This triggers their interest: What’s happening behind the door? You usually take them everywhere with you, so it irritates them when you leave them suddenly.

Our Final Thoughts

Maybe not all of these theories are plausible. But that’s the best we have found to explain why do dogs and cats follow you into the bathroom. We can hope that this article would help you in taking your shower alone. No matter how much you adore them, this weird behavior doesn’t always seem cute. Share these tips with your friends and family, and let us know if they worked.