How Big are Garages? (1, 2 & 3 Car)

From minute details to proper measurements and standard dimensions, a lot goes into completing a house structure fit for the owner’s needs. Garages are a common and integral part of home structures. After all, nobody wants to park their cars outside, given how big of a financial investment a house is.

Therefore, if you are looking to build a garage for your home, understandably, you would have some questions to get started. Certainly, one of the commonly asked questions is how big are one, two, or three-car garages? People are always confused about standard garage dimensions and which one of these would suit their requirements.

How Big are Garages?

Hence, we have covered all these things and more for one, two, and three-car garages to answer these questions.

How Big are Garages? (1, 2 & 3 Car)
Garage Type 1 Car 2 Cars 3 Cars
Garage Interior Width 12 feet 18-20 feet 20-32 feet
Garage Door Width 8 feet 16 feet One 16 foot door + One 8 foot door
Depth x Height 20-24 feet x 8 feet 20-24 feet x 8 feet 20-24 feet x 8 feet

Dimensions for 1 Car Garage

Most modern one-car garages have an overall 12-feet width and an 8 feet wide door to access. However, you may even find odd garage dimensions like 9 foot wide doors for access. Even though they are, but it all depends on the personal preference of the homeowner. The reason might be they want to put other equipment like bikes and lawnmowers in their garage beside a car, or maybe their car is a bit bigger in size than a standard SUV, etc.

Furthermore, the height of garages is kept around 7 to 8 feet so that there is more headroom, accommodating the depth of 20 to 24 feet. Moreover, it allows space for upgrading to a larger vehicle seamlessly.

Dimensions for 2 Car Garage

Two-car garages are the most popular among all three that we have mentioned. The reason is that mainly households have at least two cars – one as the family car for household use and one for commuting to work. Therefore, two car garages are 18 to 20 feet wide. However, experts recommend that you should and can go higher on the width to ensure room for other things and space between the cars for opening car doors.

Similarly, the width of the door increases too. The ease of access to and fro from the garage needs to be seamless as there is no room to turn around. Hence, the standard two-car garage door dimension is 16 feet, plainly double the door of a one-car garage even though the depth stays the same.

Dimensions for 3 Car Garage

The three-car garage is the largest of the three we have mentioned. However, it is the only one that shall require a center post. Therefore, an added feature for a three-car garage is that it actually takes two doors instead of one. Experts recommend getting a single door with 16-foot width and another having 8-foot width to accommodate the third car. In fact, many people prefer third car garages, not for just an extra vehicle. But they would acquire a three-car garage because they are tired of squeezing spare equipment like refrigerator, lawnmower, bikes, scooters and camping gear, etc., in an enclosed small garage.

Hence, the second door to the garage makes it easily accessible to multiple family members for various other reasons than just car parking. Even though naturally people would prefer three separate doors for a three car garage. But not only is it extremely rare to have three separate doors, but it is also costly given the amount of setup and maintenance it takes. Yet still, the depth and height of even this garage stay the same with 20 to 24 feet accommodation to 8 feet of height.

Our Final Thoughts

It is important to note here that even though these are standard one, two, and three-car garage dimensions, there are many variables to consider when it comes to finalizing the garage size. From taking note of the size of your car to experimenting with the garage’s height and depth, there is room to making changes according to your preferences and needs.

All in all, it is in best practice to take help from a professional architectural design team and sign up for what you can afford and fits your requirements. Cheers!