Locks for Bedroom Doors

Security is one of the vital aspects to think about when it comes to private spaces like your bedroom. That’s why installing a bedroom door lock can give you peace of mind and an extra security layer when you live alone. On the contrary, if you share your apartment with a roommate or live with your family, you must have some semblance over who enters your room. This is particularly concerning when you’re not home. In both cases, it is essential to invest in the best locks for bedroom doors so that you can ensure your space is secure and private from the outside world.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Locks for Bedroom Doors

When purchasing a bedroom door lock, you have to realize your specific needs before making any final decision. If you’re about to rent out your guest bedroom, you might have to look for distinct options than what you would require for your bedroom. Similarly, while parents with young children may prefer privacy over security for their bedroom, people with roommates may favor locks that provide the best security.

Types of Bedroom Door Locks

Before going over the best locks for bedroom doors that you can find at Amazon based on excellent customer reviews, you should familiarize yourself with the five common lock choices available nowadays:

1. Knob Locks

These are the most traditional bedroom locks, majorly preferred for privacy purposes rather than ensuring security.

2. Smart Locks

Smart locks are Wi-Fi (and sometimes Bluetooth) enabled locks that usually offer the most security and privacy than any other option.

Locks for Bedroom Doors

3. Chain Locks

Chain locks are an ideal choice for bedrooms that require semi-privacy and security from the outside world.

4. Deadbolts

Heavy deadbolts are a substantial investment if you’re looking to secure your bedroom under a minimum budget.

5. Lever Locks

A quality lever lock can be an excellent choice for homeowners looking for privacy, security, and a pleasant aesthetic element in equal measures.

The 5 Best Locks for Bedroom Doors

Based on the options mentioned above, here are five of the best bedroom locks that you can find online:

1. Master Lock Keyed Entry Lock BCO0115

If your only concern for installing a bedroom door lock is to ensure privacy, a quality knob lock such as Master Lock BCO0115 should be your go-to choice. Its six-way adjustable latch should be a perfect fit with any door. Moreover, based on the review section, the SilvaBond antimicrobial protected finish is ideal for controlling mold, bacteria, and mildew growing on its surface. While the knob lock is a standard choice for most homeowners, you can’t deny the Master Lock’s satin nickel, sleek appearance that matches and upgrades any existing door hardware incredibly well.

2. Narpult Smart Lock

Narpult Smart Lock is a 5-in-1 entry system consisting of a Wi-Fi enabled application, keypad, fingerprint scanner, integrated circuit (IC) card, and mechanical keys. This is, undeniably, one of the best locks for bedroom doors for privacy and security factors. Furthermore, you can control it remotely with TTLock APP in addition to monitoring 24/7 history and receiving instant notifications on door access.

The best part about installing Narpult smart lock is that you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering whether you locked the door when you left your room. That’s because you can program it to lock itself automatically after five seconds to two minutes, as per your preference. Plus, you have the option to control the bedroom lock features with the Alexa voice command for better convenience. Not to mention that it’s also the perfect solution for short-term rental hosts, as you can set a random passcode for a limited time, changing it right after they leave.

3. Defender Security U 10305 Standard Chain Door Guard

Coming back to traditional bedroom lock options, the Defender Security U 10305 can be a great choice if you don’t want to get in the mess of integrating complicated installations to the door. With this lock, you only need to connect a simple chain next to the bedroom door wall while a latch is attached to the door itself. Even though these locks are not meant for definite security purposes, they do a capable job of halting immediate entry. All in all, it’s one of the best options if you require a bedroom lock that stops people from entering the room but still gives a little leeway, as the door slightly opens before stopping their progress. Explicitly speaking, we would highly recommend this lock for parents with young children.

4. GOBEKOR 1-Keyed Lever Lockset Double Cylinder Deadbolt

If you’re on the lookout for a sturdy yet sophisticated looking bedroom door lock, you must give the GOBEKOR 1-keyed lever deadbolt a try. This is an ideal choice convenience-wise as it is relatively easier to install than other locksets. Moreover, the locks are solid-built with no wiggle space once they’re equipped on the door, making it an incredible lock system for security purposes. With outstanding reviews and way higher ratings than other traditional bedroom locks, you’ll be sure to get what you order with this one.

5. Prime-Line High-Security Deadbolt Lock for Sliding Doors

Our last recommendation is reserved for the modernly styled bedrooms with sliding doors. Prime-Line sliding door deadbolts are a must-have accessory to reinforce the privacy and safety of your bedroom as they are specifically designed as a double-action lock. The materials used in its manufacturing consist of extruded aluminum and solid steel. Furthermore, these locks penetrate an inch deep into the keeper bracket’s top and bottom sections for offering extra security.

Our Final Thoughts

While we’ve curated this list of best locks for bedroom doors based on genuine reviews and ratings, we still find it necessary to specify that the choice you ultimately make should depend on your personal preferences.

Knowing whether you’re installing a lock for ensuring better security or privacy (or both) is crucial for making a decision that keeps you satisfied with your choice in the long run. Moreover, before you make your purchase, it would be wise to run over the installment instructions beforehand so that you know the lock you’re buying will fit well with your bedroom door.