How to Make a Guest Room Comfortable and Welcoming

People enjoy having guests over at their house and like preparing for their arrival and stay. They tend to make sure every nook and cranny of their house looks welcoming. After all, it is about the overall enjoyable experience of making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

However, to do this best, you need to give a little more attention to the guest room as that is the one room and personal space you would be allotted to your guest in your home. Therefore, it shouldn’t feel hastily put up or too shabby for them to stay.

So here are some tips and tricks that you can utilize to make your guest room look comfy and cozy while welcoming your guests to feel at home.

Plan out The Feel

There is no denying that traveling is already so chaotic and time-consuming. So once you reach your destination, you just want to relax for a bit before starting to unpack. Therefore, it is important to plan out the feel of the room to get the ambiance going once your guests arrive. For instance, you can use scented candles, light music, and set up fresh flowers. It will instantly set your guests’ mood and help them relax. Nothing is more welcoming than a calm and quiet room to yourself to help you unwind.

Prepare a Cozy Bed

People tend to downplay how important it is to prepare a cozy bed for your guest room. Just as we discussed earlier, traveling has you jarred. So naturally, you would be drawn straight to the bed to straighten up and relax. That is why even if your budget doesn’t allow you to manage other things in the guest bedroom, make sure you have the coziest bedding you can afford. You can make use of lots of throws, fur blankets, fluffy pillows, and quilted covers, among other things.

Make Room for Luggage

You can even put up a signboard that says welcome, but it would not replace the welcoming feeling of finding space for luggage. It is one of the most wholesome, welcoming, and giving gestures of hosting guests to clear out space for them to unpack and store their stuff. Not only doesn’t it eradicate the feeling of living out of your suitcase, but truly makes you feel settled. Whether it is a cupboard, wardrobe dresser, or even just a rack, something is better than nothing. If your guests can’t even unpack or constantly have to scoot over to find their things, they would be uncomfortable sooner or later.

Remove All Unnecessary Things

We understand the urge to fill in an empty room but never forget that it is a guest room. You don’t want to fill it to the brim with your own belongings. Which chances are, you would have to remove before finally, a guest is coming over. And then you wouldn’t have a place to keep them. Therefore, think of it like a hotel room where you find nothing more or less than some decoration pieces, clock, and calendar. Everything else is a clean slate yet feels welcoming to you because you have the freedom to utilize the space as you may prefer.

Chairs, Ottomans, and Seating Arrangements

It is always a welcoming and comfortable aspect of a room with an added seating arrangement beside a bed. It adds an extra layer of comfort to guests to sit and have some personal space other than the bed. Moreover, it is so easy and affordable to spruce up the guest room with such seating arrangements. You can choose a statement sofa seat, a bright-colored ottoman, or just a wooden chair with cushions, blankets, and furs, and you’ll be good to go.

Set Up the Restroom

Many people forget that the restroom is an essential part of the whole ordeal. If it isn’t prepared beforehand and learned accordingly, then it is embarrassing for the host. Also, I would account for a bad experience for your guest, and you don’t want that. Therefore, get your guest room’s restroom cleaned, place fresh towels, toilet essentials, and don’t forget to spruce it up with fresh fragrances. You can use scented candles, incense sticks, air fresheners and even ready the bathwater for them. Moreover, don’t forget to empty the cabinets and place extra linens, more towels, and essentials like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo, among other things.

Write a Note & Provide Keys

A heartfelt, handwritten note does the trick for everyone. Who wouldn’t like a sweet gesture as such and appreciate the host going out of their way to do it? Also, don’t forget to place a separate set of keys for your guests that locks the drawers, wardrobe, their room, and main entrance of the house. This gives them the true feeling of freedom to explore the outdoors on their own and return back whenever they want without feeling burdensome. Moreover, it instills a sense of privacy to control their own space by locking the door to the guest room, especially during nighttime.

Our Final Thoughts

Making a guest room comfortable and welcoming is all about putting yourself in the guest’s shoes. Think about what you would like if you were to visit as a guest at someone’s house. This should be able to give you a place to start and go as per your own preferences. Hopefully, the tips we have shared may also help you. It will surely make your guest room a comfortable place to be and add a memorable experience for your guests. Cheers!